Thursday, July 07, 2005

Eeeeek! Cold shower this morning!

Plan - 1hr 20min easy run this morning
Time - 5.15am
Weather - Light drizzle that got slightly heavier the longer I ran
Route - Around Scullin and Page, including a few little hills
Best music to run to - "Turn up the radio" - Master Apprentices and "What's my scene" - Hoodoo Gurus

Actually wasn't a bad run given the time of day and that I had just crawled out of bed, dressed on automatic pilot and downed a black coffee before heading out the door. Listened to music and generally turned the legs over and before I knew it, I had finished.

However someone, unintentionally I'm sure, had turned off the hot water system last night so I had to have a cold shower before work. It was a case of sticking bits of me under the water - couldn't cope with the whole body effect. It was the quickest shower I've ever had and I'm still trying to warm up - after a cappuccino with Son #1 in Civic and a hot chocolate once I got to work.

Sight of the day - On the way to work, saw a beat up old stationwagon with the number plate "genuine".

Wednesday afternoon

Had regular fortnightly meeting with Anna and Lisa, our architects, about pending house renovations. We had made a decision on which of the three concept drawings we liked and now it was a case of trying to come up with a compromise so it wouldn't cost us a large fortune (just a small one instead). Then it was time to get practical and inspect the house infrastructure to ascertain what would work in our favour and what would cost more to rectify in terms of what we want to do structurally to the house. Mostly, however, it seemed to work in our favour. Next meeting in a fortnight's time. Anna and Lisa would produce a more detailed drawing of what we want.

Wednesday evening

Plan - Swim. Extend 1km swim to 1.1km.
Time - 7pm
Location - Belconnen pool

Was feeling tired so didn't really want to go swimming but went anyway. Pays not to think about it too much. Did 300m warmup alternating between board and fins and pullbuoy. Decided would extend distance of my longest swim by 100m, ie from 1km to 1.1km. Will increase slowly, ie 100m, each week. Swim went well - have no idea how long it took because I wasn't timing but I was in and out of the pool in about 30mins. Did a 100m cooldown with board and fins. Saw Naomi from Bilbys in the change rooms - I commented that I had been thinking of joining a club, especially for swimming. She assured me that they are very friendly and I should come along. Will think about it - it is easier swimming with a squad but I do like the freedom of doing what I want, when I want too.

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