Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Blue skies and sunshine

Plan - weight training + core strengthening exercises on swiss ball at the gym

What a beautiful day it is today - blue skies, crisp, everything is looking so green, just love it! Mind you, I spend most of it indoors working but was able to get out at lunchtime and head to the gym - about an 8min walk (made it longer on the way back because it was so gorgeous outside - I love blue skies and sunshine!)

The gym. It has been about a month since I've made my presence felt there and lately I have been finding lots of excuses not to go. I'm not a gym junkie by any stretch of the imagination but I have come to realise that weight training is good for me. I also do core strengthening exercises. Took it easy with the weights but I think I'm going to feel it tomorrow. Really struggled on the Swiss ball single leg raises - I can't remember them being this hard! Anyway now feeling virtuous 0:-) having been to the gym, and then consuming a salad for lunch. However FD, have taken your advice (rant) onboard and will try and increase my carbs. I used to be a carboholic but since I've been trying to improve my diet I have unintentionally cut back on carbs more than I should have, given the activity I do. Looking forward to tomorrow's 6km run at lunchtime, hopefully the weather will be like this. Perfect!!!

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Lulu said...

Virtuous is a good feeling and well deserved after your trip to the gym.. it's not very inpsiring but we know it's good for us. I'll be off to Pilates again later to work those abs into shape.. maybe I'll be able to see them one day!