Sunday, July 24, 2005

Long run and pancakes

Plan - long run, 2hr 55min
Time - 7.30am
Route - Scullin - LBG (via cycle path) and return; then to LG and around the lake
Weather - frosty, foggy at first, followed by blue sky and sunshine

I love long runs! And after yesterday's gutbusting 8km I love long runs even more. After toast, honey and banana as a pre-run feed, I headed out the door with 3 coolmax tops on (one short-sleeved and 2 long-sleeved tops - gotta love coolmax), leggings, cap, headband, fuelbelt and mini iPod. Didn't feel stiff or achey after yesterday's run - a good sign. Careful to avoid icy patches on cycle paths and headed toward Lake Burley Griffin along the cycle path that goes through Macquarie. Heading to the lake is a lovely run - mostly gently downhill, surrounded by trees and bush, passing horses and kangaroos, hearing the noisy cockatoos in the distance.

The return run was a little harder - felt really tired about 75mins into the run (I had been heading steadily uphill at this point) but listening to fast tempo music really helped turn my legs over. Headed down toward Lake Ginninderra to meet up with friends to run the 7.1km around the lake at 9.30am. It was good to catch up with Helen and Steve, chat about all sorts of things and think about the pancakes I was planning to have after the run! The fog had definitely lifted and I had managed to discard one of my long sleeved tops before the lake run. The run went quickly - amazing how time flies when running with other people at a comfortable pace (I have run with other faster people and its a case of hanging in there and hoping you make it to the finish without dying).

Met up with Mr CJ, changed into dry clothes and headed for brekky - best part of the day. I did have pancakes - banana pancakes with caramel sauce - yummo! Oh, and several cappuccinos! A satisfying morning, in more ways than one. I love long runs!

PS I've ordered the garmin 301 and also splurged on a pair of LineBreak leggings. According to R4YL they "give the feeling of holding everything together". Hmmm, we'll see!


Cirque said...

Sounds like a lovely run, CJ. Glad you enjoyed it!

Aki said...

Pancakes and company, now you're making me jealous! I chickened out of doing the 8k, I had to be else where but if I had a choice I wouldn't be there, Have to admit the word 'championships' does scare me off quite a bit. You're braver than I and you did a really fast time, congrats for both runs!

miners said...

Great run CJ - sounds great.

Damn - someone else getting a garmin before me. Must see Mr. Taxman and see how my plans for one are going

NottsLad said...

Thanks for the post on Parkesism. Good for you - getting the Garmin. I'm still considering the 201 but as a reward for a successful C2S, but there are so many factors affecting that criteria... I never bet unless I know I will win!