Friday, July 22, 2005

Slow, slow, slow swim

Plan: swim 1km comprised of 200m wu; 4 x 200m
Location: Civic pool
Time: 7.30am
Weather: cold, cold, cold, frosty, foggy, cold, v cold
Feeling: very, very, very tired (there's a pattern happening here)

Didn't want to get up. When I eventually did get up, I didn't want to leave the house. It took several trips to clear the ice from the windscreen, driver's side window, rear window - car heaters on full blast. It looked colder and got foggier the closer I got to Civic. When I finally got in the pool, the first 200m warm up was slow but that's normal. It will get better I thought. hah! The plan originally was to swim 200m off 4.05min, the theory being I would at least get 10sec rest intervals before starting again. Double hah! First 200m I got back with 1 sec to spare; 2nd 200m right on 4.05min; 3rd 200m with 4sec to spare; and the last 200m with 1sec to spare. I was sooooooo slooooooow!

Was planning on going to the gym at lunchtime but with the way I'm feeling (very tired and blah) I've decide to miss the gym and instead indulge in a little retail therapy and coffee with friends. Also, I've got my tax refund (triple yay!!!) and will be ordering the garmin 301. And, I think chocolate might be on the cards tonight.

Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up in a different mindset - I hope so because its the Cross Country Championships and I foolishly said I would run the 8km.


miners said...

I warned you about the ice stories. Now where's that unsubscribe button? ;)

Lulu said...

Yay.. what are you going to call your Garmin? You're going to love apart from the fact that you are faced with the cold hard reality of distance and speed! Not that that will be much of a problem for speedy CJ.

Jen_runs said...

After a relaxing day of retail therapy, coffee with friends and our favourite cure-all (chocolate), you will be on fire tomorrow. Good luck ! J PS I'm loving Cloudstreet.

Friar said...

I keep a couple of old Club Membership Cards in the Glovebox to scrape the Ice-Off.

It's awfully hard on the fingers though, which tend to freeze.

Even worse in Canberra, is parking on a night out, and coming out to the car, even before 10 O'Clock, to find windows covered in Ice.


allrounder said...

at least when it's frosty and icy in the mornings it tends to turn into quite a nice day!...sounds like a hard swim session to me even if it was "slow"...gee, that was a quick turn around for your refund - bet you can't wait to get your hands on your new toy...i hope mine arrives monday or tuesday...have a good weekend - i'm sure you'll do well in the 8k!

Luckylegs said...

Goodness, CJ, is the weather that bad in ACT? We've had 5 days in a row of glorious warm weather, no winds, no clouds; just beautiful sunshine! No wonder you're so tired....depressing days like that.

You did the right thing in indulging yourself! Why not! Have a great 8km tomorrow.

speedygeoff said...

Hey cj you are running so well your 80 minute runs are only taking 75 minutes!