Thursday, July 14, 2005

One of those days.

Plan today - easy run, 62min
Time - 5.20am
Weather - Breezy, wet, about 6*C but felt colder

Was planning to get up just after 5am but not in the way I expected ie gently and gradually - Mr CJ dived out of bed at 5am muttering something about the bed leaking (this is a new waterbed) and was madly pulling up the sheets and doona at the foot of the bed. I was still trying to come to some sort of conscious state and was definitely not used to such frenzied activity, nor the expletives about the bed, at such an early hour!

Discovered that plug was not closed properly (or something) in the mattress so mopped up excess water (it really wasn't much) with paper towels. Mr CJ then hopped back into bed as he didn't have to get up till 6am. I, meanwhile, feeling very blah-like, plodded around, changed into running gear, made a strong black coffee, and then headed out the door.

(Note - the dreaded lurgy has descended on our household with son #3 coughing, snorting, sneezing, sniffling and snoring most of the night and proclaiming this morning that he is 'dying').

First 10mins of run - going so incredibly slow that if I was going any slower I would've been running on the spot or worse still, going backwards.
20mins into run - remembered to bypass the big mud puddle at the bottom of the hill. Appropriate that Gloria Gaynor's song "I will survive" was playing on mini ipod as I struggled up the looooong hill.
30mins into run - thinking over a work issue that I will have to deal with later in the day. Legs still turning over albeit slowly.
40mins into run - hands feeling very cold - tuck them into the long sleevesof top. Thinking about vegetarian Pad Thai that I will be having at lunchtime - going to a birthday lunch today.
50mins into run - more hills...groan, moan, huff'puff....feeling some tightness around L hip flexor area. Hmmm, must stretch after run.
55mins into run - #$@%&*....forgot about muddy puddle at bottom of hill - nearly fell headfirst into said muddy puddle and now have wet muddy shoes. Coffee is looking good at this stage.
60mins into run - almost home - can see it in the distance. Mr CJ and son #2 leaving for work - blind me (deliberately) with headlights on high beam, then honk (it is 6.30am - god knows what the neighbours think).
62mins - finished run. Feeling very ordinary. I think it was about 1min slower than I normally run it. Had coffee.

Rest of day - things have improved marginally. Still feeling very ordinary but had regular Thursday morning cappuccino with Son #1 in Civic, followed by bomb evacuation drill at work which meant another coffee at a nearby cafe, followed by lunch at a Thai restaurant with a great bunch of women, followed by another coffee at nearby cafe with some of the aforementioned
women, followed by some retail therapy on the way back to work. However, I might add, there was work interspersed in the above too; it wasn't all coffee, food and shopping today!


miners said...

funniest post I've read in months CJ :)

Now if you were me, you'd be looking forward to a night interrupted not only by your hubby's frenzied activity (that had me worried for a sec about what you were about to reveal), as well as the #3 son's death throes, AND all of the coffee I would be up and emptying from my system at hourly intervals - glad it's you and not me!

Lulu said...

It's only just twigged that you have 3 adult sons! So many boys in the house, no wonder you took up running..I'm with miners, I wouldn't be able to sleep for about a week if I had that much coffee.. I love it but it does not agree with me unfortunately..