Friday, July 08, 2005

Running, no; swimming, yes

Plan - swim 1km inc 200m WU; 4 x 200m variable pace (25m slow; 25m fast; 25m fast; 25m slow; 50m slow; 50m fast) with 15sec RI

Time - 7am

A wet, grey, cold and miserable day - at least I'm not running. Swimming went well - felt stronger in the shoulders. The fast bits were quite slow to start with but I did gradually increase my speed with each rep!

Shocking news about the bomb blasts in London. Have friends who are in Florence at the moment (Strewth and Dave) and work colleagues who are in the Czech Republic but heading to London shortly. Very scary times.

Had a lovely lunch with friends at Milk & Honey. My friends had a delicious looking chicken risotto and I had panini with roast pumpkin, feta cheese and other yummy fillings and two great cappuccinos. It was good to get together and have a laugh. Life is good.


It is still raining. I have planned to run with Flashduck tomorrow. At this rate we'll be swimming. I've also just heard that it will be 9*C and snow on the ranges. I'm over Winter - bring on Summer!

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