Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Grumpy old woman

Actually I'm not grumpy, well not that grumpy, certainly nothing a good sleep and some decent chocolate wouldn't fix anyway! I watched Grumpy Old Women on ABC TV last night - loved it! There were some feisty women on the program and I could relate to most of what they were saying. Will definitely tune in to it next week.

Yesterday was a rest day (from training) - had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in months. Also contemplating a job change.

Today - Up at 5am and out the door at 5.15am to run for 70mins before work. It wasn't a really cold morning. Saw one cyclist and nearly bumped into another runner when turning a corner - don't know who got the biggest fright, her or me!!! I'm not the only silly person who runs at ridiculous times of the day, in the dark. Otherwise a very uneventful run - even the hills didn't bother me today (something to do with those 20 hill repeats I wonder?!). Still some twinges in L glute and hammy but calf was fine - maybe its just old age!

Best music to run to this morning - "I ain't the one" - Angels and "Zebra" - John Butler Trio.

Have entered the Bush Capital 25km run on 30 July - looking forward to it.

Will swim tonight and then have plans of going to the (gasp) gym tomorrow lunchtime and then Geoff Moore's running group after work.


Lulu said...

Hi CJ, That's serious dedication getting up at that hour, and in Canberra where I know it's freezing. I only had to be out at 6.15 and it was a balmy 16 degrees here at that time..weird weather!

Gronk said...

Way to go CJ. Early bird catches the worm. Gee it must have been frosty!