Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I feel better now.......

.....that the run session at North Lyneham is over, I've had a shower and something to eat! It was very warm and muggy this afternoon and I swear the hills at North Lyneham have got steeper and longer.

Session - 1 lap warm up (3.05km); a timed 958m run; slow jog for 1.12km; a timed 1km run; 3.13km cool down
Total distance - about 9.2km
Total time - 51.03min
Calories - 492

Timed runs:
958m - 4.23min; AHR - 161
1.01km - 4.53min; AHR - 164

It was a tough session this afternoon, not helped by the weather. Also, I felt heavy and slow after my massage at lunchtime so tried to take it easy. The 2 timed runs were hard - both involved hills; the second run includes a shocker of a hill. And Rae, there was not a kangaroo to be seen - must be the construction work that's happening there.

Today was also an 8 Fantale day - must've needed a sugar boost.

(pm) Gym session - upper body weights session plus killer abs session (TA, I will give you the info tomorrow)
(pm) Swim session with Bilby's squad - this ia a big maybe - depends on how brave I am feeling tomorrow afternoon!


Susan said...

Your workouts are doing really well CJ.

I also feel sluggish too after my massages. Thise runs are really slow. Totally worth it though.

Jen_runs said...

Be brave CJ :-)


Tesso said...

Its having the little blurbs on the Fantale wrappers to read that make them so irresistable.

Oh, the lollies themselves are pretty good too :-)

go girl said...

Glad you are feeling better now CJ. The humidity always makes me feel tired and sluggish too. Sounds like a tough session though.
What's this killer ab thing that your doing?

Al Carter said...

Kangaroos - imagine...
I wonder what it's like to run and see kangaroos.

Humidity is the curse of all athletes and hair models!

Hilda said...

When will you post photos where you are running with kangaroos??

Rae said...

Bummer!! Construction has chased a lot of our area deer away from my running paths, too. (One day it actually chased a deer TOWARDS me and that was a little scary!) Have a great weekend!!