Thursday, November 03, 2005

I have new cycling shoes

"Made especially for the triathlon/duathlon racer, the TR02 has all the features to give you an advantage over the competition. A lightweight hollow channel carbon sole provides incredible stiffness while helping to dissipate road vibrations and eliminate cleat hot spots. A single 45mm VelcroƂ® strap allows for quick transition times without sacrificing security. For your comfort, the seamless interior and quick drying mesh give you comfort without socks and the ventilated, scented antibacterial insole keeps the stink out."

They are great! I wore them this morning for the first time and had no problems with them. I'm sure I cycled better too! Looks are everything!

Session - early morning ride with H
Distance - 25.09km
Time - 58.40min
Av pace - 25.6kph; Max spd - 45kph

We rode one of our old loops this morning. We used to ride together a lot a couple of years ago when I was training for the HIM. I don't think I could've cycled throughout winter without H's support - all those sub-zero mornings on the bike - brrrr, I still remember them! Anyway, since we have both entered the Tour de Femme, which is on Sunday week, we are naturally panicking about the lack of bike training we have put in to date and so are madly trying to do some cycling in the next 10 days! Luckily we are not taking this too seriously, are we H?

Also, luckily for me, H's lack of bike fitness means that I'm not looking at her disappearing off into the distance, as usually happened in the past.

Anyway after admiring each other's new cycling purchases since we'd last seen each other (the best part of cycling in my view), we headed off down Belconnen Way, towards Haydon Drive (Calvary Hospital). We turned left down Haydon Dve, past the turn-off to the Australian Institute of Sport and left onto Ginninderra Dve. Yikes! Who put all those little bumps on the road? They weren't there last time I rode that loop - admittedly that's quite a while ago! Anyway, somehow managed to avoid slipping on any of the little bumps and we headed down Ginninderra Dve, past Canberra Uni, Lake Ginninderra and towards Kingsford-Smith Dve, where we turned left again. The weather was gorgeous for riding - no wind, not cold, not too warm. Up Kingsford-Smith Dve - there was definitely more traffic on this stretch of road, though there is an on-road cycle lane which we stuck to. Finally it was back onto Belconnen Way, close to home. Because we had done this faster than planned we then rode a smaller 8km loop before calling it a day and heading off home for a well-deserved breakfast (muesli, yoghurt and banana for me).

Thursday night - Yoga
It was very humid in class and we had the door open for most of the session. A good session that was over too quickly.

(am) Swim followed by brekky with Strewth
(pm) Gym - lower body weights session plus killer abs session


Flatman said...

Nice shoes! How much?

Susan said...

I bet you look stellar in those shoes . . . good thing us girls can combine our retail therapy with our exercise.

Hilda said...

It is also a good part of it, the accesories... those shoes look great!!
I can feel the exitement of those cycling sessions!! I would love to try some, but here impossible.
Day by day I admire you more, it is incredible you have recovered from that surgery and after a year you are still developing great results.

Al Carter said...

Man those shoes are awesome - you are making me jealous - I want to buy gear too!

I want a new bike with fancy pedals and titanium shoes. I want a climate where I can cycle all year round. I want humid yoga for cryin out loud!

Great shoes.

Jen_runs said...

Woohoo. Nice shoes. Being able to buy lots of cool stuff certainly is a pretty good reason to take up cycling :-)

That exercise you asked about: picture the starting position of a push-up on toes (I guess a prone hold with straight arms). Then squeezing everything, take one arm out from under you and extend it out at a right angle from your body then return and swap arms, trying not to wobble or swing too much through the hips and core. It's hard !

TA and the Gnome said...

Have to say they are very comfy shoes and I'm sure they do makes us go faster :-).
Poor Gnome had a mishap on my bike yesterday when stepping down a gutter and now has 4 stitches in his ankle. Since my bike is red I told him that was taking colour co-ordination too far!


miners said...


That's the last thing I wanted right now - shoe envy. I've been wondering how to justify a new pair for myself - I want the carbon soles!!

Glad you're enjoying the bike now that the bum muscles are obviously getting used to things again

Tesso said...

Noice! I assume they match the rest of your gear perfectly.