Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Getting all hot and sweaty

We had so much rain overnight accompanied by a very long and drawn-out thunderstorm. At one stage it felt like the thunder was just above our roof - the windows were rattling. Mia, aka Missy Hissyfit, was under the sofa growling and hissing, and was generally feeling very unhappy about the state of affairs. Anyway this morning it was feeling very steamy - more Brisbane than Canberra weather!

Tues morning - cycle on windtrainer

Session - 5min wu; 2 x 2min L4 (3min RI); 3 x 2min L2.5 (2min RI); 4 x 2min L2 (30sec RI); 5min cd
Time taken - 42min
AHR - 128; MHR - 203
Calories - 387

I love my new cycle shoes - its not psychological, I know I cycle better - I have more power. I'm also concentrating on keeping good form on the bike - core muscles engaged and shoulders relaxed, and it does make a difference. I find I tend to hunch up and then start using more than just my leg muscles when cycling so I have to make a conscious effort to relax. The sweat was pouring off me this morning and I was outside on my windtrainer - it was hard work but enjoyable, for a change.

Lunchtime, I'm off to visit my MMT (marvellous massage therapist), can't wait!!!


Tesso said...

Ha ha, first thing I did after reading about you keeping good form is check my posture while sitting here at the desk.

Some Brissy type weather hey. Pity you can't get some of our winter weather there too :-)

Run for Chocolate said...

THank you, CJ! My email is martinshashok@sbcglobal.net. I also checked my posture while reading your entry! It was not good, I am tired! We had a pretty intense thunderstorm last night here in the states too!

Hilda said...

I thought of your rides, while doing a short one today, it is so good practicing sports!!

TA and the Gnome said...

Sydney has been very hot and humid too.

I finally get to try out my shoes this Sunday. We are going cycling with 'bennyr' for my first road ride in at least 6 months!!. I hope I find them as great as you do.

If you can send that extra ab info it would be great. Always on the lookout for fresh ideas.