Tuesday, November 29, 2005

5km torture

Winter has returned to Canberra with a vengeance - I've had to pull out some of my winter clothes to wear the last couple of days. It has been cold, windy, wet and generally miserable. Bring on Summer, I say.

I decided against running North Lyneham this afternoon because I thought it would be wet and muddy and slippery. Instead the options I came up with included either running the last 5km race in the ACT Cross Country Spring series or not doing anything. As yesterday was a day of good intentions but nothing else (ie I had wimped out of going to the gym and to the evening Bilby's swim session) I decided that I would run the 5km race. It was looking very cold and bleak outside; if the weather deteriorated between leaving work and driving to the lake then I would just continue on home. However, it didn't look so bad the closer i got to the lake so the run was on.

Session - Run

Event - Regatta Point ACT Cross Country Spring series - last race
Distance - 5km
Time - 23.15min
Place - 77
Av pace - 4.30min/km
AHR - 170 (it certainly felt it too!); MHR - 213

Went for a short warm up run before we were called to the start. There was quite a few people there and there were a couple of familiar faces - PRB and Geoff (who had won the Vet's run at Weston Park on Sunday). Listened with interest to PRB's Slow Six Foot Track experience last Sunday.

Tried not to go out too fast but its all relative isn't it - what might not have been fast for the person ahead of me was certainly testing my limits! Again I consciously tried relaxing because I find I tense up a lot when running fast which must use up valuable energy. As per usual, everyone took off like bats out of hell and I followed in hot pursuit - well 'hot', in that suddenly the weather seemed very humid and the sun made a brief appearance.

After the turnaround, it was a little easier on the return trip back to the start. Passed a few more people as well as PRB close to the finish - I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to catch him. He has a very deceptive stride - he doesn't look like he's going very fast until you are trying to run him down - must be those long legs! Finally I crossed the finish line - feeling very hot, bothered and sweaty and wondering why on earth I thought doing this race was a good idea.

My R glute is still giving me lots of grief and so I am going to visit a physio next week - the physio I have in mind is a runner (a very good one, and he was at the race today so I've warned him I'm coming to visit) so at least he has an understanding of the problems runners encounter. I want the glute problem resolved before I start marathon training for the Canberra marathon next year.

(am) swim
(pm) run, maybe. It is Son #3's 21st birthday - we are going out to dinner on Friday but plan on having cake tomorrow.

Late Edit:
Nearly forgot.......
Session this morning - Cycle (WT)
Workout - 5min wu; 2min L4 (3min RI); 10 x 1.30 fast (1.30min RI)
Time taken - 40min
AHR - 145; MHR - 165

Too cold and miserable to head out on the road so on went the ipod and I pedalled away for 40mins before breakfast.


2P said...

Coldest winters day I ever had was a summers day in Canberra :-)

Nice run CJ - careful you don't burst a foo foo valve though MHR 213!!!

:-) 2P

Hilda said...

Another run?? On monday??
It is great you can visit such a doctor!!! Soon you will be completely recovered.
And also a swim in the morning?? How can you spend so much energy!!!

Al Carter said...

Congrats on the Tri win - sounds like a really cool race.
At least your winter is waning - ours is not!

E-Speed said...

Good Job on the 5k!

miners said...

ooh - don't start complaining about the weather down there! That's the last thing I want to hear.

Great run though CJ - that was well earnt after the

In relation to the Garmin, I've never used it in a tri yet either. However, I think that I will take the time during the 1/2IM to strap it on at the start of the bike leg (I'm also going to take an extra 20 seconds to pull gloves on too - I sweat too much and don't want to slip off the bar ends on those hills!) I'll let you know how the strategy goes after the race!

Susan said...

Good job on the 5k - I'm spoiled here in Dallas - it's summer March-November.

Friar said...

Might have been 77 th overall, but came 18 th in the female division.
Now, isn't that a better result. :-)

allrounder said...

ah, i'm sorry i missed the run in that i ddin't get to meet you, we probably would have been running about the same pace...my voice makes a surprise appearance every now & again so i think i made the right choice...