Saturday, November 12, 2005

Killer abs session cont....

2. Double Leg Stretch

* Beginning in initial body position, inhale and extend arms straight back alongside ears as you stretch legs out at a 45* angle from the floor, working the inner thighs to keep legs together.
* Pause for a second, feel your arms and legs are being pulled in opposite directions.
* Make sure lower back is firmly anchored on the floor and head is still lifted toward chest.
* Exhale and make a big circle with arms, bringing around to wrap around knees and pull into chest like a little ball
* Repeat 15 times; 1 - 5 sets. Finish in initial body position.

* If you can't keep lower back on the floor, bend knees or bring legs toward the ceiling. Never arch your back.
* If head drops as you bring arms over head, lift arms straight up to the ceiling instead.

3. Single Leg Straight Leg Stretch

* From initial body position, straighten right leg up to the ceiling and grab ankle with both hands. Extend left leg out at a 45* angle from the floor.
* Inhale, pulling right leg toward head with a double bounce action as you lengthen left leg away.
* Exhale, switching legs by scissoring them past each other in a dynamic and energetic way.
Repeat 15 times; 1-5 sets. Finish by bringing legs together at a 90* angle from the mat, buttocks on the floor and both hands behind your head.

* Stabilize your abdominal core as legs are moving vigorously.
* Relax shoulders; do not pull onto the legs too hard; use abdominals to raise leg t chest.
* If hamstrings are tight, bend raised leg slightly and hold onto anywhere behind the leg rather than the ankle.

4. Double Straight Leg Stretch (this is a killer)

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