Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wanted: some zing, vim, oomph, spark.......

Not only have I figuratively hit a brick wall, it has collapsed on top of me. Still feeling very very very tired and blah, so decided not to run this afternoon. That decision, according to my work colleagues, confirmed that I am definitely not feeling myself! Maybe I need to try Cirque's approach - overindulgence and slothfulness!

However CJ's usual approach to dealing with illness and general blahness is to battle on through, ignore the symptoms and it will go away. This is based on the premise that if run fast enough or exercise hard enough the germs won't catch me. Ok, so its not infallible. Anyway, yesterday I decided to do a 30min workout on the windtrainer in the afternoon and then went along to swim squad in the evening.

Monday afternoon session - cycle on windtrainer
Workout - 10min warm up; 5 x 1.30min L4 (I upped the resistance and pedalled as hard as I could)(1.30min rest interval); 5min cooldown.
Time - 30min
AHR - 145; MHR - 168

It was like being in a sauna - the windtrainer is outside, in the carport, and it was a warm afternoon. Hot, hard work but I felt vindicated once I'd finished.

Monday evening session - Bilby's swim squad
Workout - its a bit blurry but there seemed to be a lot of 50m fast bits in there.
Distance - about 2km
Time - about 1hour

I enjoyed the session because a) I was prepared, and b) I wasn't the slowest swimmer. All the really scarey fast swimmers must go to the Wednesday evening session. The drills were a bit of a struggle - I think Bolder's comment on Al's blog really sums it up: drills are a bit like organised drowning.

Also I was 'encouraged' to breathe to both sides when swimming freestyle. I have to confess that I am a one-side breather - I breathe to my left side on every 2nd stroke. I have tried in the past to breathe both sides but I run out of breath and am hypoxic when I get from one end of the pool to the other, and I tend to sink when I breathe to the right side. Anyway, with many misgivings I tried swimming and breathing to alternate sides and you know what, I was getting the hang of it. So it wasn't fast and I was still a bit out of breath by the end but I was swimming, not sinking. Yay! So now I have to diligently practice the alternate breathing.

Tuesday lunchtime session - Gym
Workout - lower body weights session plus killer abs workout

I thought that maybe if I went to the gym I would feel so much better. It was a huge struggle getting out of bed this morning but fortunately I had nothing planned exercise-wise until lunchtime. The gym was so-so - I tired easily on the reps and the killer abs were damn hard. But I would not be defeated! I slogged on and finished the session. The afternoon dragged on at work - the air conditioning in our building failed on a regular basis today so it was hot and stuffy, with no possibility of opening a window.

Anyway, come 4.30pm I knew I wouldn't be running,and after phoning Strewth to let her know, I headed home for a snooze on the couch. Fingers crossed, tomorrow will be a better day energy-wise.


Tesso said...

I've been having days like that of late. But you must admit its rather satisfying when you get through your gym session, even if it is a slog.

And I think to myself (other than its a wonderful world) things can only get better :-)

2P said...

A sauna session on the windtrainer - 2k's of organised drowning in the pool - a weight and killer ab session in the gym.... I have no idea why you are feeling a little blah :-)

I think the Cirque method is worth a try :-)

Wil said...

I can very much relate! I think that it's something in the air! We'll pull through, no doubt!

Al Carter said...

Don't wear yourself out when your getting so close to your race. Listen to your body..it's trying to tell you something.

What's a windtrainer?

E-Speed said...

alternate breathing came naturally to me but I do think it makes a major difference in your stroke, otherwise you tend to be lopsided ya know?

Jen_runs said...

I think the Cirque approach is a great idea for you right now missy


Susan said...

CJ - I hope your brick wall lets up soon - take care of yourself

Lulu said...

All that activity, no wonder you're tired! I'm exhausted just reading your blog. I'm sure you'll be back to your normal self soon, but maybe some chocoate is called for!

miners said...

Hope you recovered well enough CJ - although with the training schedule you keep, I 'm not surprised! I wouldn't have lasted a week of it :)

Hope the alternate breathing gets a bit more familiar for you - you might have to get out of the pool (or lake) and swim in the ocean more often. That forces you to be able to breathe both sides to avoid the swell/chop/surf etc...

Susan said...

CJ - I just checked the mail and the tim tams and magnet came today! Thank you. They are calorie free tim tams right?

go girl said...

CJ, maybe you do need a little break! Cirque has the theory all figured out I reckon....
Take care,

TA and the Gnome said...

I'm the opposite to you. I'm only comfortable breathing both sides but my old swim coach told to practice one sided breathing just in case it's more suitable to a particular race.

As for your tiredness I'll put my pharmacist/pt cap on and suggest you get some blood tests specifically to check Haemoglobin (Iron) and thyroid levels. Both these if out of balance can make you tired. Also, look at diet ie. low GI foods and are you eating within 30 mins of finishing your workout. That can make a big difference to recovery. Good luck.


Rae said...

Hope you feel better soon, I'm struggling with a stupid cold myself and can't manage to do much at home OR work which makes me feel like such a sloth - esp this time of year when I eat WAY too many holiday goodies. Next week I promise I will get refocused!