Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cooking spray and rubber gear!

I bet you never thought that triathlons could be so interesting! Actually the cooking spray is used around my ankles - it helps get the wetsuit on and off easily!

Women's and Girls' Triathlon
Distances - 400m swim/14km cycle/4km run
Weather - grey, damp, 10.9*C, but no wind!
Provisional time - 58.24min
Provisional splits: (these are very approximate because I didn't press my watch at the official timing points)
8.31min - swim
30.34min - cycle
19.18min - run
Place - 1st in the 40-44 age group! Yay!

Woke up to very grey skies - I was convinced it would start raining again, and there were light showers at times. However, there was no wind, thunder or lightning - should be grateful for small mercies!

Was surprised, when we got to the event, at the number of women who had shown up despite the inclement weather. I would've thought quite a few would give it a miss because of the weather - obviously we are all stark raving mad. Strewth arrived about the same time as me but was stressing out about the weather and the swim (this is normal for Strewth).

Wasn't keen about taking off my t-shirt, jacket or spray jacket but figured it would probably be quite difficult swimming with all that gear on. The one thing I hate about triathlons is the amount of time you spend hanging around at the start waiting for your wave to start - I was in the second last wave.

Swim - I love my wetsuit! It was such an easy swim and I managed to get clear of the pack from the start. There was one woman ahead of me but everyone else was behind. I wasn't bothered by any other swimmer until I headed back to shore and had caught up with the slower swimmers from the previous wave. The water wasn't too cold and it was only very reedy near the shore. It also wasn't too murky which was surprising given all the rain we'd had in the last 24 hours.

Cycle - stuffed around in transition - I'm so out of practice. The wetsuit came off easily but it seemed to take forever to get my bike shoes on (I haven't managed the art of getting into my shoes when on the bike), as well as my helmet and number belt. I had no sunnies because they were broken - not that there was any sunshine to speak of. Passed lots of women on mountainbikes and old clunkers (its really good to see the range of women that get out to do this triathlon). Passed Jackie Fairweather, who was spectating, just before heading down to Adelaide Ave. I thought I'd be cold on my bike but it wasn't too bad, except for my feet - they were going numb, but that's normal for me. Before I knew it I was heading back into transition and changing into my runners, taking off my helmet and replacing it with my CR cap.

Run - I stood for what seemed like ages trying to figure out where the run chute was. Yes, I had walked the transition area before the start and checked out all the exits but in the actual event my brain does not function logically. Finally I followed someone else and for the first 100m I felt fine. However, once I was past the crowds and on the cycle path that oh-so-familiar post-bike dead-leg feeling started. I sooo wanted to stop but ignored this feeling and just slogged away up the hills trying to recall what I've been taught in yoga - don't fight the feeling, relax and go with it. So I settled my breathing, relaxed my stride and my shoulders, and damn if I didn't start feeling better. Passed more women on the run and began to feel really good - so much so I was smiling for the rest of the run.

Summary - it was great event. It never rained, the road surfaces weren't slippery, I enjoyed the swim and the fact that I was 2nd woman out in my swim wave (this is virtually unheard of for me), and I ran a comfortable race. As well as the usual fruit provided at the end of the event, there were also different varieties of fruit buns and date scones - yummo. I came first in my age group and Strewth came second in hers.

Late edit - had a huge bowl of Tim Tam icecream that night - it was worth the wait ;-)

CJ and Strewth - with our trophies. *Rae please note the BPRTT numbers we are wearing! We used the run leg as the First Inaugural BPRTT run!


Tesso said...

I can't relate to the swim and bike times but running sub 5 min kms after all that is pretty impressive CJ.

Ha ha, I got a bit excited when you said you passed Jacki F :-)

Congrats on the age group win!

strewth said...

Hey it was a great day wasn't it in spite of being paranoid about the weather at the start! Yes, I enjoyed it too - woo hoo! Gee, I was tired this arvo though - shopped in the mall and had a rest - I had forgotten how much triathlons take out of you! But I enjoyed my day!

Hilda said...

I was excited while reading this report. Even nervous with those eternities while changing from one to the next.
Great ending!!!Congratulations again, you are always on best places!!!!

Susan said...

1st place! That's great CJ - you totally rock!

Wobbly man said...

Way to go CJ! Congrats on a great race. Scones to finish with - yum!

TA and the Gnome said...

That is a great result and to feel so comfortable in the swim. I'm impressed. Well done!


Jen_runs said...

You definitely rock CJ!!!

Congratulations on a sensational race. What a cool trophy too!


PS You should have left that sentence at "I passed Jacki F" ;-)

2P said...

So that's what the cooking spray is for - but let's hear more about the rubber gear :-)

1st in age group!!!!!! Congratulations CJ that is a fantastic result. What a great start with that swim and looks like a pretty sharpish run too.

Thanks for your comments recently on my blog - much appreciated :-)

go girl said...

What a great result CJ! All of your hard work is paying off now.

Congratulations and well done.

KIT said...

Congratulations!!!! What a fantastic result... you should be sooo proud! All that hard work pays off! So how was the ice cream???
Well done!

Friar said...

Congrats on the great result despite the transition stages, it must be hard changing from cycling to running, but all your windtraining must be helping in the cycle legs.

miners said...

Wow - fantastic race CJ. Looks like you're well and truly back into tri-mode now! Looks like the alternate breathing and sans-fins club is working for you. Did you end up taking the garmin with you on any of the legs?

Sorry, I also just have to say - that's a great tan-line ;)

A Girl Running said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That is brilliant.

Great photo too :)

Lulu said...

Fantastic CJ! All that swimming training has paid off I'd say; not to mention all that cycling and running training too! Very impressive stuff and the Tim Tam icecream was very much deserved.

Rae said...

That's so great! Did anyone ask what in the world you guys were wearing with a turkey on it? I'll have the update up later with the australian leg represented!