Thursday, November 10, 2005

Power of the Stomach Series aka Killer Abs Session

These exercises are from Fit Yoga, August 2005 issue.

The 5 exercises in the Stomach Series are meant to flow seamlessly from one into the next, according tot he rhythm of your breathing. The challenge is to get through the entire series without changing the initial body position.

Initial body position:
* Lie on back, bend knees to chest, point toes.
* Engage abdominal muscles to lift head and shoulders off the ground. Do not lift from neck itself. If abdominal muscles are too weak or tired to hold head and shoulders up, keep them on the mat.
* Gaze softly at navel and use it as a visual aid to make sure head stays lifted throughout the series.
* Press belly down to spine. Lower back should be anchored to the floor at all times. If you find yourself arching your lower back, modify the exercises by bending knees and/or lifting legs toward the ceiling away from the floor.
* Remember, it is called the Stomach Series because even though your arms and legs seem to be doing all the movements, the stomach is working hardest by stabilizing the core.


1. Single Leg Stretch
*Assume initial body position.
* Inhale, bring right knee toward nose, shin parallel to floor, right hand on ankle, left hand on knee. Simultaneously straighten and stretch left leg at a 45* angle from the mat.
* Exhale and switch sides, pulling left leg in and extending right.
* repeat 15 times, 1 - 5 sets. Finish in initial body position.

* Extend elbows out to the sides, and press shoulders down and away from ears.
* If you cannot keep your back on the floor, raise straight leg higher, toward the ceiling.

To be continued....
2. Double Leg Stretch


Hilda said...

This is the greates way to do abs, is like eliminating the natural spine curve pressing the abs down. Also the best is to concentrate on the abs instead of putting to much stress on the spine.
The combination is good thanks for the guidance I haven't seen that magazine, is it good??

speedygeoff said...


strewth said...

Love your choccie tips - may well use them! Will wear CR cycling top Sunday at Tour de Femme - saves decsion on which Italian one to wear. Are we wearing our CR singlets to the Fun Run on Saturday too? I really need to get back to those killer abs. I need all the help I can get! See you at the pool!

strewth said...

typo - should read "decision" - aaaaah

Jen_runs said...

I lurve killer ab moves. Look forward to the next instalment :-)


Al Carter said...

These sound like pilates moves and they are really hard to do - I love the feeling of concentrating on keeping the back on the floor - you know when you're doing them right!

Have a nice weekend!