Tuesday, November 15, 2005

INDULGE and you'll BULGE

I saw this message on a fridge magnet. Maybe it should become my mantra..... I had a rocky road chocolate truffle on Sunday, 2 serves of chocolate cheesecake brownie and an assortment of chocolate licorice bullets, fantales and milkshakes yesterday. Hmmmmmm......

For more photos and write-up of the Tour de Femme have a look at Strewth's training Blog.

Tuesday afternoon - cycle (on windtrainer)

Session - 5min wu; 2 x 2min L4 (3min RI); 3 x 2min L2.5 (2min RI); 4 x 2min L2 (30sec RI); 5min cd.
Time - 42mins
AHR - 129; MHR - 163

The original plan was to go the North Lyneham run session after work but the weather was looking very dodgy - there had been thunder, lightning, strong gusty winds and rain throughout the day. Besides, work was hectic again and getting out of the office by 5pm was looking very doubtful. So I decided to do a cycle session at home on the windtrainer instead. The first couple of intervals were very hard work and it was agony maintaining the speed for 2 mins. However, I gradually improved over the following intervals though, while the intensity lessened, the rest time also decreased between each one.

Tuesday lunchtime - gym

Session - upper body weight session plus killer abs session
Increased the reps for some of the exercises, though not the weight. The killer abs session was just as hard again today but I think I am improving...slowly. And I think I'm starting to see abs......;-)

Monday afternoon - run

Session - easy recovery run
Distance - 9.66km
Time - 53.42min
Av pace - 5.33min/km
AHR - 144; MHR - 159
Calories - 515

Work was hectic so it meant I wouldn't get away in time for the run session at Parliament House. Decided to run from home. I had no particular plan for the run so I just strapped on the ipod, stuck in the earplugs and headed off to such tunes as Bohemian Like Me (Dandy Warhols), Its Raining Men (Weather Girls) and Voodoo Child (Rogue Traders). A good run though a new ache/niggle developed on the inner aspect of my left calf - it did go away however. The ache/pain in right glute however did not go away - I am getting very tired of this glute problem - its not getting better but also not getting worse. Anyway, apart from these little problems, it was a cruisey run - the type of run that remind me why I enjoy running so much.

Monday morning - swim

Session - 300m wu; 3 x (100m kick; 100m pull buoy); 3 x 200 variable pace.
Distance - 1.5km

After a busy and active weekend I decided that this swim would be a recovery session. Usually I use fins when doing a kick session but after reading a Minersrun entry where he said, in a manner of speaking, that fins were for wusses, I decided that I would also give the fins a miss. The first 50m was fine but I definitely experienced the 'burn' when completing the second 50m of kicking without fins - I also feel it in the hips - is that normal? Maybe its just that I really suck at kicking!


TA and the Gnome said...

Thanks for the killer abs lesson. I do remember doing each one at some stage but putting it together will certainly be a challenge.

I've been so busy I've only just caught up on your blog. Looks like you enjoyed some good racing. Well done.

TA (who is also challengeed by kicking without fins :-)

Tesso said...

I'm gonna have to memorise that killer abs session stuff before my next gym visit. Though it sounds way more painful than the old crunches.

Like your choice of songs there. I have those on my playlist as well, though I think I have the Geri Halliwell version of "Its Raining Men".

Hilda said...

Great post CJ! Love all the details you include.
I have to use that bulge phrase on me, but you look thin on the photos, don't think you have to worry a lot as some others like me with genetics completely against...
You didn't even had a day off!!
How you do it??

Al Carter said...

I love cruisin' runs and bike rides - reminds us of why we do it! I can't say I've ever experienced a cruisin' swim though! I'm still working at it.

OK CJ when do you take a rest day?

Susan said...

oh my, i need some of that chocolate . . . ummm. and the killer ab workout.

Jen_runs said...

There is no way you are about to bulge CJ with those killer workouts!

Love the killer ab series - thanks for that. Will definitely try it out; after all I have accepted Clairie's great ab challenge :-)


miners said...

yep - killer abs lesson is getting posted up at my place too!

All up, you again have more stuff here than us mere mortals are capable of! Great swim effort in particular though CJ - although i should have also said that I have a particular knee niggle that only seems to appear when I use fins - so i definitely don't think they're just for wusses! However, it makes for a really tough session just kicking freely doesn't it? I find I can only manage 100m or so - I then have to swim a few more laps before trying again with the kickboard. Makes your regular swim stroke feel effortless though ;)

Lulu said...

I don't care if fins are for wusses.. I like mine.. a bit too much for my own good.

Love the indulge and you'll bulge.. should have that somewhere on my desk!

speedygeoff said...

Al, CJ's rest day is at morning tea time, between the morning swim session and the lunch time gym break; she also has another rest day at afternoon tea time between the post-gym run and the evening cycle.

The advantage of CJ's program is that new injuries arrive faster, and help her forget the old injuries.

Seriously, CJ is one of the four biggest improvers in our training group (the other three being Kt, Griffin, and Langty), so she is doing something right!

A Girl Running said...

I NEED that magnet!

I just bought eyetoy kinetic and am determined to give the ab workout a go.....later maybe! For some reason ab exercises scare me..they hurt.

D said...

...starting to see results w/your abs...awesome!! I'm on my way to your side of the world to work out w/you! :O (I wish!)

Rae said...

Mmmmm, I think when you and I finally meet one day we'll skip exercising, dinner and go straight to yummy desserts!! Why exercise if you can't treat yourself??