Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Keep it short and simple was the motto for today's swim. Practised breathing to both sides - I'm fine for 50m but the second 50m I find I am still feeling a little breathless and my legs feel like they are not getting enough oxygen. What am I doing wrong? Form, good; breathing, not so good. I have to confess that in the tri on Sunday I only breathed to my left side while swimming.

Session - swim

Workout - 300m wu; 2 x (100m pull buoy; 100m kick sans fins); 3 x 100m (30sec RI); 100m pull buoy; 100m kick sans fins; 300m fs.
Total distance - 1.5km

Physio update - rang this morning to make an appointment for next week and discovered I could get in Friday morning to see Craig. Yay! So hopefully he can resolve the glute problem.


miners said...

Only thing I could suggest (other than keep training and building your swimming base) is to concentrate on the *exhale* as a long controlled breath on the 2nd swimming stroke. Think of the exhale as just as important as the breath itself, and deserving of a whole stroke on its own.

Hopefully you'll get yourself into a rhythm of 1-pull, 2-exhale, 3-breathe, 1-pull etc... Don't try and exhale *just* before you're about to breathe in a quick burst. Take the full length of the 2nd stroke :)

2P said...

Nice session - the only advice I can give. My only experience with swimming is holding my breath when I'm under water i.e. that is where I inevitably end up :-)

A Girl Running said...

Hope the Physio appt goes well.

Susan did your header too? looks great.

TA and the Gnome said...

Can't offer advice when I don't even get in the pool lately :-(.


KIT said...

Good luck with the physio!! The sooner the better :) My pain in the butt is going... still gets tight though! Thank you for the reminder... gently gently is soo right! I tend to get a bit over enthusastic! Feel free to remind me at any time :-)

Susan said...

I would LOVE to make Strewth a header - I've been design crazy lately. Let me check out her blog and see what I can come up with.

Hilda said...

I never could learn how to breathe while swimmnig, I also find it pretty hard.
Good to hear that sooner than planned you will see the doctor!!

Hilda said...

Also, I am applying that kiss for many things... good idea.

D said...

Swimming is complicated! Nice job on the 5K!

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