Saturday, November 05, 2005

Final workout for the week

4.25pm Session - run

Distance - 11.19km
Time - 60mins
Av pace - 5.22min/km
AHR - 166
Calories - 595
Weather - overcast but warm

Set my running buddy Garmin Girl for an hour run at 5.30min/km pace. Felt okay running down to Lake Ginninderra though my L ankle was twingeing a bit. However, once I had turned around at the 30min mark and headed for home I started feeling like crap, with stomach cramps. My pace became quite variable as I slowed down when the cramps got really bad but then sped up when they eased off (fartlek session I guess!). I was also starting to feel the heat, not being used to running in warm weather for quite a while. Maybe the cappuccino I had at the Mall with Mr CJ about 45 mins earlier was not agreeing with me.

Note to self - maybe wait a little longer before running after a cappuccino. Anyway, I did manage to get home under the pace I had set, beating Garmin Girl...again!

REST DAY!!! Yay!!!!


Hilda said...

Those riding sound so exciting!!! But still I can't imagine how you deal with the traffic around to still be able to develop speed.
It should had been that coffee, combined with the weather. I learned some new vocabulary I will have to use.

Hilda said...

I hadn't visited the runners world site and I read it usually!! Thanks for the advise.

Lulu said...

Sounds like you programmed your stomach for fartek as well as Garmin Girl for pace.. glad you beat her though.. Jen I and gave Garth a good pasting this morning as well:)

Rae said...

Yeah! Way to beat Garmin Girl!! I love that feature of the Forerunner, it really helps me stay focused and not go out too fast. I'm still waiting for kangaroo pics!!