Saturday, November 12, 2005

The day that all the fast veteran women decided to stay at home.....

Saturday morning - Belconnen Community Fun Run
Distance - 6km (3.75 mile)
Time - 27.23min
Av pace - 4.32min/km
AHR - 173bpm
Calories - 323
Place - 1st veteran woman

A beautiful Spring morning - blue skies, no wind, perfect... Decided to run down to the start of the fun run, at CISAC (Belconnen pool). Had been out the night before to a graduation followed by cocktail party at the Hyatt and had indulged in 2 very large glasses of wine - in hindsight not a good idea (though it seemed like a good idea at the time!). Was feeling a little dry this morning!

Warm-up run from home:
Distance - 5.58km
Time - 30.02min
Av pace - 5.22min/km
AHR - 154
Calories - 309

Comfortable run, listening to music on my ipod. There was quite a crowd of runners and walkers gathering outside when I arrived to register and collect my number. The run was being held in memory of Ben Donohoe, who died earlier this year from a brain tumour at the age of 9. All money raised was going to the paediatrc brain tumour foundation (or something like that).

Back to the fun run. Met up with Aki, Flash Duck, Strewth, Mr B, Geoff and friend (I can't remember her name but it was her birthday today). Also saw Friar and met Jody (?) and Huxley - a gorgeous looking dog. We headed down to the start and after a little wait, were off. I headed around on the outside to avoid the crush and it seemed to work in my favour. However, I broke my cardinal rule again - don't go out too fast. I think my first 2 kms were 4.22 and 4.18 respectively. So it was going to be a case of grit the teeth and hope to hang on for the next 4 kms! Actually it wasn't too bad though there were more hills than I remembered on this course, or it may just have been the case that because I went out too fast, any little rise felt like a hill!

Mr B caught up with me at about the 5km mark and I kept tossing up mentally the idea of slowing down and letting him go ahead or trying to stay with him. I chose the latter course of action and this worked until about the last 150m when he took off and I couldn't respond. I'm not a sprinter. I crossed the line and someone announced that I was the first veteran woman to finish so I waved my arms around. Actually, to be honest, I wasn't sure whay they said because I was still listening to my ipod so had to ask Mr B to repeat it!

Flash Duck came in not long after me so she was the second veteran woman to finish. Cool Runner chicky babes were having a good day! Waited for Strewth to come in and then we hung around talking and eating the supplied fruit before heading across to Margaret Timpson Park for the presentation. I had found the coffee stall and was waiting in line for a much anticipated cappuccino when Flash Duck said that the presentation was about to begin and so we had to leave before I could order a coffee *sob*.

After the presentation (received a medal and a 1 month Gold membership to Club Lime at CISAC - this includes use of gym, classes, pool entry, spa and sauna) and obligatory photo shoot we finally headed off to Musica e cafe for something to eat and a *coffee*.

Later in the afternoon, headed off to the yacht club for the Tour de Femme registration - the bike race is tomorrow morning, 9am. I plan on riding to the start - about 18km - a good warm-up!

Friday morning - swim

Session - 300m wu; 100m pullbuoy; 100m kick without fins; 100m pullbuoy; 3 x 200m; 100m kick without fins; 100m pullbouy; 100m cd
Distance - 1.5km

Times for 200m:
1 - 3.58min
2 - 3.56min
3 - 3.55min


Hilda said...

Wooow!! What a weekend cj!! And that's only the beginning. Congratulations!!
While reading I was wondering if there was a photo of the event... specially at the presentation!!!
And the price sounds very enjoyable!
I think you don't do it for winning, and you are doing so!!!
In this case should be because you are simplely the best,

Tesso said...

Woohoo! Go the CR girls!!!!!

Great stuff CJ. And after such a long warm-up too. I think we are all guilty of going out too fast, its hard not to get caught up in the excitement though isn't it.

Hope you enjoy your prize.

Jen_runs said...

CR chickybabes rock :-)

Congratulations on your wonderful first placing CJ. Well done


Hilda said...

And... it is not because "they" stayed at home!!! I'm sure.

Johnny Dark said...

Well done Cathy.


allrounder said...

yep, Jodie & Hux...he had my number on...

congrats on winning your category...