Thursday, November 17, 2005

The art of inflexibility and CJ's revenge

Thursday evening - yoga

When I arrived at class this evening and our instructor, Karen, said that it would be a restorative session I could've hugged her. I wasn't looking forward to doing handstands, shoulderstands, backbends or the like but relished the idea of lying down on a mat with legs up the wall contemplating my navel for an hour or so. I had had more root canal treatment this morning and my jaw was sore, the tooth in question was achey and I was cranky.

The session started promising enough - lying down with my legs up the wall, this I could cope with. Several other poses later and I was starting to get suspicious, particularly when we had to sit up with our legs out in front, then bend the right leg and somehow hook the right arm under and over, or something like that. Then we moved on to one where we end up balancing on our hands with our legs hooked over our arms or the other way around - its probably something I could do after a few drinks! Anyway they were the sort of poses most people would tend to associate with yoga, where being a contortionist would be of considerable advantage. To achieve any of these poses I need to literally loosen up, I am so tight and very inflexible. Though then again do I really want to master being able to hook my legs around my ears?!

Thursday morning - cycle with H

Session - 6 hill repeats, increasing the resistance on alternate repeats.
Distance - 18.3km
Time taken - 49.15min (this includes a brief stop)
Av spd - 22.3kph; Max spd - 45kph
AHR - 143
Calories - 375

Had arranged to meet H for a cycle session early this morning, before work. I decided we needed to do hill repeats, increasing the resistance on alternate repeats. My revenge for the swim session I endured the night before! Another cold morning so wore arm warmers though I must admit we definitely warmed up on the hill repeats. I love the recovery part - its a downhill cruise back to the start - it goes too quickly! A fun session!

Got a surprise phone call from Wobbly Man as I was on my way to the dentist for more root canal treatment. Wobbly, I'm assuming you found someone to help you since I didn't hear back. Anyway it was lovely to talk to you! Looking forward to meeting you next year, here in Canberra.

(am) Swim with Strewth, followed by brekkie
(pm) Gym - lower body weights session plus killer abs session


Cirque said...

Ouch - sorry to hear about the dental treatment. No wonder you weren't in the mood to tuck your ankles behind your ears. Hope you're OK.

Hilda said...

This postings are incredible. Yoga, cycling, running, swiming, and that all around work and dentist appointments!!!
After the adrenaline developed while stuggling at the beggining of the swiming session, you felt great and now even looking forward to repeat... you are amazing!!!

Al Carter said...

Isn't yoga the best thing ever? I love my yoga sessions and next week our Power Yoga is being replaced for one night with an entire two hour yoga session - I can't wait!

Lulu said...

I remember those poses from when I used to do yoga. I never mastered them before my back issues had me retire from my yoga career!

miners said...

"Though then again do I really want to master being able to hook my legs around my ears?!"

Careful, you'll be attracting the blogspam soon ;)

2P said...

Have a theory about root canal - if you smile and can't see the tooth that is costing you squillions and causing you pain - then pull it :-)

Hill repeats, yoga and dentist on the one day???????

Susan said...

Ahhh, yoga . . . sounds good t me right now. Ouch! Hope that tooth feels better soon.