Thursday, November 24, 2005

Proud mama!

He'd die of embarrassment if he knew I was writing about him but hey, I'm allowed to, I'm his mum! Yesterday son #3 (who turns 21 next Wednesday) was accepted into an IBM traineeship that commences on 5 December this year, with 3 months summer school up at Surfers Paradise. After 3 years he will have a bachelor degree in IT, specialising in mainframe. He only found out about this 2 weeks ago at his graduation (he completed a diploma in software development) so it has all moved very quickly.

Edit - Ooops, nearly forgot - plans for the renovation/extension/practically new house have been approved. If we sign the contract before Xmas, work could start on the house aka 'the moneypit', in February next year.

Now back to boring mundane things like my pathetic attempts at any sort of training this week. Decided to skip the Tuesday afternoon run session at North Lyneham (and after reading Strewth's training Blog I'm so glad I did!). Also skipped the Wednesday evening Bilby's swim squad session.

Thursday morning - run

Distance - 6.93km
Time - 40.23min
Av pace - 5.50min/km
AHR - 144
Calories - 364

Downloaded some zippy songs onto my ipod last night to inspire me this morning - going by my average pace it doesn't appeared to have worked! And my R glute is sore, sore, sore - must get it checked out *groan* more dollars!
Current fave running songs:
Paris to Berlin - Infernal
Hung Up - Madonna
Have a Nice Day - Bon Jovi
DOA - Foo Fighters
Bitch - Meredith Brooks
Hey Mr DJ - Rihanna

Wednesday morning - cycle (on windtrainer)

Session - 10min wu; 3 x 1.30min L4 (1.30min RI); 5min cd
Time - 24min
AHR - 143; MHR - 161

Legs felt very tired but it was short session. Tried to maintain a cadence of at least 90 throughout.


Tesso said...

Great news about your boy and the IBM traineeship. And what a way to start, 3 months at Surfers!

Once again you have given me a couple of ideas for songs to download. Thanks :-)

plu said...
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plu said...

Good luck with the extension I havebeen through it in stages a few times now.

Cheers Plu

go girl said...

Some exciting stuff happening there CJ! That's great news about your son. You don't look old enough to have kids that age...

What's your secret?


Cirque said...

You have every right to be proud of son #3 and thanks for sharing the news with us :)

Isn't it lovely when you know you don't have to worry about them?

2P said...

Oooooo IBM very nice ;-)

Hope the glute feels more gooder soon :-)

Hilda said...

Good to know you are happy with your family!!
Shure that skiping that session was a good idea, since you need to accumulate energy for the weekend, don't you??

Susan said...

Great news about your little boy! Yay!

allrounder said...

nothing wrong with a bit of pride! your comment about Hux, are you sure you were talking about my Hux??!...

hope your glute sorts itself out...

KIT said...

Hey!!! That is great news about your son... brag away :)
Those glutes can be sooo troublesome!! I hope it sorts it self out... get out the trusty tennis ball.