Saturday, November 26, 2005

All that's missing is the wind

Woke to thunder and lightning and a very heavy downpour about 4am and its been like that all day. We've even had hail. The only thing missing is the wind.....oops, I let that thought out! Postponed the run this morning because of inclement weather and also because I got a text message from Strewth who was feeling blah and didn't want to run. That's okay - I decided to do a short sharp session on my bike on the windtrainer, just to get the fast twitch fibres firing for tomorrow (to be honest, I'm not sure I possess any fast twitch fibres). But before doing this, I lay around in bed for a while reading the paper and watching Rage on ABC TV. What's with this Scnappi character? - 2 songs in the Top 50 - oh pleeeeaaase!

Exercise- cycle on windtrainer

Session - 10min wu; 2 x 1.30min very fast cadence (1.30min rest); 5min cd.
Total time - 21min

It was very muggy, given all the rain we've had in the last 24 hours. Listened to an updated playlist on the ipod.

*Tesso - I can definitely recommend Lenny Kravitz - Are you going to go my way* Great song, great beat.

This afternoon I went down to register for tomorrow's triathlon - there was thunder and lightning and it was raining very heavily. This does not bode well for tomorrow. It was very soggy around the registration tent - there was a small river flowing through the middle of the tent making it awkward waiting to register and collect my race number - I got very soggy shoes. Any plans of going for a quick swim in the lake to test the wetsuit went right out the window - no way was I getting in that lake, not with lightning flashing across the sky.

Have just got out my gear for tomorrow:
race outfit - check
wetsuit - check
cooking spray - check
swim cap and goggles - check
number belt and race number - check
bike shoes - check
sunnies - amber (for low light conditions) and darker ones (for sunny conditions - being very optimistic) - check
bike helmet - check
runners - check
CR cap - check
bike/pump/tubes - check
drink bottle - check
towel - to put gear on in transition area - check
I'm still deciding whether to wear the garmin - not sure whether I should wear it in the swim leg.

Sometimes I think it would be a lot simpler to just stick to running!


KIT said...

We are very like minded!!! I also slept in... it was sooo nice!
Good luck in the race tommorow and you will savour that tim tam ice cream! Your better than me... there are certain foods like peanut bitter that are banned in our hous after multiple exhibitions of no self control heheh

speedygeoff said...

Just "running" can also result in a very long checklist! Especially for interstate marathons and the like. Or when you're catching up with everyone and half of them are waiting on you for something. Come to think of it, you are right, it WOULD be a lot simpler to just stick to running.

Wobbly man said...

Good luck for tomorrow CJ!

Tesso said...

I'm still trying to figure out the Scnappi thing too.

Trouble is you watch Rage etc and top 10 songs grow on you. Making it to my iPod list in the last couple of days are Kanye West "Goldigger" and, embarrassingly, The Pussycat Dolls "Don't Cha". Lenny is there now too :-)

One of my faves of the last few months is "Shaft" by Isaac Hayes, such a great song for the start of a race.

Er, cooking spray?????

Hilda said...

Woow you really need many things! Cooking spray? What is that for??

I hope at the end the weather is ok, it is a shame it is like that now. Good luck!!!

I don't think I have that fibers, but you???

D said...

What an awful day. Hail? Ugh. I am looking forward to hearing about your tri!

Lulu said...

I'm sitting here in Sydney waiting for the rain to stop so I can go for a run and I'm hoping Canberra is not having the same weather otherwise you will be swimming your way around the whole course.

I'm also curious about the cooking spray.. are you planning on having a barbie on the way around?

2P said...

LOL CJ Tim Tam icecream makes for great carb loading - hope you had a great day at the tri ;-)