Friday, November 25, 2005

Temptation in my freezer...

I finally succumbed and bought a container of Tim Tam icecream this evening. I thought I would treat myself after the Women's and Girls triathlon on Sunday. But, oh boy, I swear I can hear that container whispering to me. Just a little spoonful wouldn't hurt, surely. But I know myself far too well and one little spoonful would not be enough...before I knew it half the container would be gone! *did I really eat all that?....* Sunday is not that far away...I can wait...I have willpower...I am strong!

House update - we have chosen a kitchen and paid a deposit, so that is done. Now we have the bathroom to work on.

Friday morning - swim

Session - Drill Day, so a combination of drills, alternate side breathing (yes, I persevered!), kicking (sans fins) plus 4 x 100m (30sec RI)
Distance - 1.3km
Time - about 35mins but lots of stops after each 100m.

Times for 100m:
* 2.04min
* 1.54min
* 2.05min
* 1.54min

As a result of changing my upper body weights session yesterday I am feeling the effects today - yes, very stiff and sore. So swimming certainly helped. I persevered with breathing to alternate sides, and while I still was a little breathless near the end of each 100m, I knew my swimming form had vastly improved. Yay!!! Kicking still left a lot to be desired - I felt the burn in the first 50m and the second 50m is just plain hard work for minimal returns ie I don't get very far for the amount of energy put in.

I plan on swimming in Lake Burley Griffin tomorrow afternoon to become familiar with my wetsuit - its been well over a year since I've last worn it. So I'm hoping for half decent weather tomorrow *fingers crossed*. Its been wet and miserable and cold the last couple of days.

Thursday evening - yoga

We attempted headstands - the emphasis on 'attempted'. I could do a headstand with assistance from 2 other people to get my legs up in the air! I love shoulderstand but handstand and headstand, hmmm, not so sure yet. We also did a lot of upper body work, and since I had done a new upper body weights session at lunchtime, I found this a little difficult to say the least because I was beginning to feel the after effects of the weights session. However, all the leg/hip/glute stretching seems to have helped my sore R glute :-) I love my yoga.

Thursday lunchtime - gym

Session - upper body weights session plus killer abs workout.

I had been doing my upper body weights session for 6 weeks now so decided a change was in order. I have some impressive arm muscles now, but no, I'm not a female Arnie!!! The killer abs workout was the same as usual - a bloody hard challenging workout but I am slowly improving, and more importantly, gaining a lot more control and strength in the abdominal area.

(am) The Canberra Inaugural BPRTT 5k Turkey Trot Time Trial!
(pm) Registration for Women's and Girls Triathlon followed by wetsuit swim in lake


Hilda said...
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Hilda said...

It seems your energy is back!! Very good for sunday!!!
As I was reading about your freezer, I remembered mine and ate some chocolate ice cream with banana. Thanks cj it is just 11:00am. I am not strong at all.
You are inspiring me to practice yoga now... I can't handle to cycle right now.
Headstand is easier than the hand stand for me, well, still with help.
Swiming on the lake, isn't it cold?? You said the weather is bad!
I hope your suit still fits and works for sunday, what a challenge!

Susan said...

If it wouldn't melt, I'd have you ship me some TimTam ice cream. Those things were soooo good. Thanks again.

Cliff said...

A spoonful won't hurt. I hear that voice too. Then I end up eating the whole tub.

No ice cream in my house. Except ice cream that I won't eat.

Bennyr said...

Stick with the alternate breathing, CJ. I found after a few sessions it just clicked and came natural.

Lulu said...

Sounds like you've been a busy gal as usual! Tim Tam ice cream sounds like a very nice idea.. you'll enjoy it so much more after your Tri on Sunday I'm sure.

Don't forget an extra big freezer section in your new kitchen to keep more ice cream in!

Wobbly man said...

I'm sure one spoonful (for motivation purposes) wouldn't hurt..

Johnny Dark said...

I love my yoga too, but agree those headstands are quite a challenge.


Tesso said...

Why not have a treat waiting for you in the freezer! I've been off chocolate all month (only 4 days to go - yahoo!!) and have got Haigh's Frogs and some Lindt in the fridge for the big moment (which is likely to be at exactly 00:00.01 on Dec 1).

Mmmmm, Tim Tam ice-cream ... there is room in my freezer ...

Jen_runs said...

Tim tam ice cream rocks :-)