Saturday, November 05, 2005

Riding the Tour de Femme course

Session - ride with H down to the yacht club (Lake Burley Griffin) where we would meet up with Strewth, NH, and MrT (honorary girlie today!). Then we would ride the cycle course in preparation for next Sunday's

Distance - 39km
Time taken - 1hr 44.28min
Av spd - a very leisurely 22.4kph; max spd - 49.1kph
AHR - 134; MHR - 171
Calories - 757
Weather - overcast and a little cool at times (let's be honest - I was freezing at times), no wind.

Was meant to meet H at 6.15am at her place to drop off my bag this morning before heading off on our bikes. So why was I still in bed at 6.05am, with a cold coffee on my bedside table?! Luckily I had packed my bag the night before and had got out my cycling gear but it was still a mad dash to get out the door and to H's by.....6.25am? *lots of heavy breathing*

We begin our ride with a hill not long after we start - not pretty. Otherwise it was an uneventful ride down to the yacht club where the others had only arrived, so we weren't too late. Somehow I was the one leading our little group around the Tour de Femme course, and of course I had left the directions at home, but was fairly confident of the way.

It was a very leisurely ride and I enjoyed our surroundings as we rode along, even on the Parkway, where the cars go whizzing by (speed limit is 100kph but most are doing well above this). Spent a lot of time avoiding crap on the road eg glass, wood, branches, vacuum cleaner hose(!). Was really happy with my cycle shoes - seem to have more push-off on the pedal - must be that carbon sole!

We went down Novar Crescent in Yarralumla (a very pretty and very expensive suburb by the lake with some stunning houses) and came to a sudden stop when a car in front of me also stopped, as another car reversed into a car park. Fortunately we were well spaced out so no crashes. Hopetoun Circuit was a bit of a bugger - its uphill. Must remember that next week! Finally we were heading down Flynn Drive when H took off behind us and zoomed past. Of course MrT took off in hot pursuit so of course I had to follow! It was fun while it lasted! Finally we were back at the yacht club and then it was off for brekky (I was starving - my stomach had been making awful grumbling noises for the last couple of kms) at Regatta Point - a cafe with deck, overlooking the lake. Nice view, mediocre cappuccino but the toasted muesli ("is it toasted or untoasted?" I asked the waiter. "Definitely untoasted" or something to that effect, was his response ) was tasty.

It seems we'll have some competition next week in the Tour de Femme - Oenone Wood (world champion) is riding. Damn, I thought I had a chance - NOT!

Friday morning - swim

Session - 300m wu; 5 x 100m of 50m L1; 50m L2 (20sec RI); 5 x 150m of 1st 50m L1; 2nd 50m L2; 3rd 50m L2.5 (15sec RI); 50m cd
Distance - 1.6km

Got a phone call from Strewth just after 6am to say that she had just woken up and so wouldn't make it to swimming but that she would come to brekky (this girl has her priorities right!). For a nanosecond I thought about skipping swimming as well but then the guilts kicked in and off I went to the pool!

Good session - not too many other swimmers in the lanes.

Friday lunchtime - gym
Session - lower body weights workout plus killer abs session


TA and the Gnome said...

Ooh you make our shoes sound good. I may even get to try mine this week as I am on 2 weeks of "my choice active rest" Yah!! Hope you enjoy next week's ride as much as this one. I recognise some of the areas you were in as I lived in Red Hill a loooong time ago but like to visit Canberra every now and then.

Btw what is this killer abs session you do? Is it always the same?


miners said...

Great ride CJ - hope that parkway isn't too busy when I come down for a practice ride before the Half IM.

Your swimming and cycling seem to be going really well lately - have you set your self any multi-sport goals for 2006?

Oh, and thanks for the comments about the muesli bars - I find the twist bars are ok on the bike, but you're right - regular muesli bars are just too dry to eat I've found