Saturday, November 19, 2005

Weak buttocks ruin the runner (ie do I waddle when I run?)

I was reading an extract from Sports Injury Bulletin and came across this article! Sean Fyfe, an Australian sports physio, says that "the gluteus medius should be considered in every running injury." The deep-lying gluteus medius muscle is normally associated with movement but its key role in running is to act as a stabilising force, to slow the downward drive of the pelvis on the opposite side during stance phase. This pelvic restraint prevents excessive hip sway or roll of the type that is classically known as "Trendelenburg gait". But even short of the tell-tale waddle of a Trendelenburg, there are various adaptations that runners make to compensate for weakness in the gluteus medius. Hmmmmm, I'm having problems with my glutes - could it be that they are weak? Though, no-one has told me I waddle when I run!

Friday lunchtime - gym

Session - lower body weights session plus killer abs workout

I focused on glute strengthening and stabilising exercises such as one-legged squats (with a swiss ball behind me), the glute machine, stationary lunges and one legged raises on swiss ball. (Saturday - I am feeling it in my glutes today!!!!)

Friday morning - swim session

Distance - 800m
Time - about 20mins
Session - 200m fs; 200m backstroke; 200m kicking (without fins); 200m freestyle.

I was supposed to have swum 1,000m but miscalculated and by the time I realised, was out of the pool and heading to the change rooms. Oh well, another day......

Oh, and by the way, today is a rest day - yes, I do have them!!!

(am) Cycle
(pm) Run

This was one of the poses we were attempting the other night at yoga - the Crane pose, I think. I spent more time on my backside than up in the air!


speedygeoff said...

Rest assured you do not waddle!

Hilda said...

That position looks pretty hard to do, so if you are almost on it is a great level.
Thanks for visiting my blog reading your comments and your blog has motivated me a lot.
Come for a visit and see by yourself this wonderful beach, it is a shame you are sooo far.

Lulu said...

I'm pretty sure you don't waddle CJ. I might though! I'm pretty sure most of my issues are caused by one weak glute in particular.

Jen_runs said...

Yikes, maybe I waddle too :-)

At least we are in very good company !


2P said...

Only ducks waddle CJ ;-) and that pic looks more like a frog than a swan :-)

Rae said...

Some of the yoga poses really crack me up!! I can't even imagine!!! You're so brave to go to a class, I tip over so much they'd probably kick me out.

Susan said...

Wow - that's a cool yoga pose. Take a picture when you get it down.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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