Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday Wanders

Wednesday Total: 21k
Week Total: 36k
Month Total: 306.8k
Year Total: 306.8k

Time: 2hr 6.28min
Av pace: 6.01min/km
AHR: 142; MHR: 171
Started with: Special K - Placebo
Finished with: Maneater - Nelly Furtado

I always think those elevation maps a bit deceiving because when you first look at them you think "omg, how impressive, look at all those pointy bits" but actually when you look at the scale at the side, its not really that dramatic - well at least not for this run. Yes, there are hills but I don't recall them quite the way they are depicted in the graph!

Anyway it was an uneventful run. I didn't feel too bad after yesterday's runs, though I have to admit 4.30am came around far too quickly. Saw lots of kangaroos - cute little ones and one huge one with massive shoulders; I picked up the pace a little after spotting him! Also saw an echidna busily waddling along, doing its own thing.


A Girl Running said...

It's not often I encounter wildlife while running in the middle of Mandurah but I was overtaken by 3 kangaroos once - it still awes me

your monthly km are looking amazing

2P said...

Nice midweek medium long CJ.

Tesso said...

Wow, that's one looooong medium long run.

Two Fruits said...

Easy to recognize the area with Mt Painter and Black Mtn even with no description.Wildlife makes the run when out all alone.
The hills are just there to break up the flat parts.
That Jan km total is very good after a easy start to the month.

IHateToast said...

your wildlife beats the QLD hoons we sometimes get. no muscular shoulders there. just pasty, doughy things with hair and blurry tats.


must take a breather.

almost fainted from posting on thultry thursday.

speedygeoff said...

You're ONE runner who is on schedule for the marathon! Keep up the good work.