Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Two Times Tuesday

Tuesday afternoon Total: 5k
Week Total: 15k
Month Total: 285.8k
Year Total: 285.8k

Event: ACT Cross Country Summer Series: Weston Park
Time: 22.02min
Av pace: 4.32min/km

I decided yesterday that I would do this event, even though it meant running twice today. Next week I will rearrange my schedule so that I run Monday morning, and then go to the gym Tuesday morning and run the Summer Series Tuesday afternoons. There are 8 events in the Summer Series and most are around 5km, with the longest being 7.1km. These races are good for speedwork, especially as there are some very fast runners who compete in these.

I managed to see Roy and Ray before the start and said hello to Will, who was marshalling. I seeded myself near the back for a relatively slow start as I was still feeling a little stiff and sore from yesterday's gym session! Fortunately the weather had cooled and while it was warm it wasn't unbearably so. Also a good part of this race is shaded, which helps. Once we had started I began picking my way through the group (it was a good turnout) and once we hit the cycle path I was feeling really good. Its a blast to be able to run fast on a flat surface when most days are spent running almost vertically! And before I knew it I was heading back to the start. I'd forgotten how short 5km is!!!! ;-) It was a good run. Afterwards I bumped into Carol who I hadn't seen since my triathlon days (in the dim, dark, distant past!) and I hardly recognised her - she has lost a lot of weight and looks really incredible. Fortunately she recognised me.

Tuesday morning total: 10k
Week Total: 10k
Month Total: 280.8k
Year Total: 280.8k

Time: 56.43min
Av pace: 5.40min/km
AHR: 139; MHR: 159
Started with: Stinkfist - Tool
Finished with: Here it goes again - Ok Go

Took it slowly this morning as I had a 5km race this afternoon. Nothing to report.


Anonymous said...

Great work in the race CJ, especially considering you were backing up from this morning.

Jen said...

Your 'triathlon' days weren't that long ago CJ - besides, they will be back soon :-)

Anonymous said...

You must be in good shape CJ to handle 'two in one' when you were also backing up from that massive run on the weekend. You must be a tough nugget mentally as well.

Friar said...

When I logged on this morning your blog was being transferred to Beta.

Good race last might.

Had to watch out for the tree stumps, and even at the back of the pack, on the return run there were faster runners passing.

I think though they were on training runs around the lake.

2P said...

Two times? Now that's just greedy :-)

Anonymous said...

i'm reading this on 1 feb so two times tuesday also says 2 months and 2 weeks to go...


i can't wait to run 5km. i think i'll try to think marathons when i try that as you seemed to have felt it went by faster with a marathon mindset. or was it the coffee.

i'm not having coffee right now. i have plumbers. not quite as stimulating.

Anonymous said...

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