Saturday, January 20, 2007

Now this is a mountain!

Mt Tennant in the distance - where we ran (walked) today

Saturday Total: 30.7k
Week Total: 74.8k
Month Total: 189.1k
Year Total: 189.1k

Time: 4hr 26.26min
Av pace: 8.39min/km
AHR: 156; MHR: 240
Max elevation: 1,396m
Started with: The Saints are Coming - U2 & Green Day
Finished with: Ain't no other man - Christina Aguilera

That was one helluva training one this morning! Temperature range for the run was 20*c - 34*c. It began with a very steep uphill rocky path followed by some great trail running among the trees and then onwards and ever upwards to the top for the first time! Great views but then we were away again and after this it all becomes a blur - lots of uphills and downhills, some running out on exposed trails and that relentless uphill the second time around. I did lots of walking and even that was a challenge at times particularly as the temperature rose and the cloud burnt off. The final run back down to the start never seemed to end - it was the same very steep rocky path - put one foot wrong and it could be a very painful descent; not even worth thinking about. However, despite the heat and the relentlessly steep and never-ending hills, and rocky paths, I did enjoy it - there were parts that were really great and parts that weren't so great. But that's what running is all about...... Oh and when I finished I was handed a cup of bubbly - perfect way to end a hard run!


iliketoast said...

You amaze me CJ, that just looks impossible but you did it, well done.

IHateToast said...

looks like a line drawing of my chest. i'm so flattered.

Ewen said...

My eyesight must be failing... does that small print say 8:39min/km?

Perfect 6' training on that hill. Now you just have to imagine 15.5k of 'technical' running in 90 minutes odd before you get to the start of it!

Ewen said...

I want to meet Katy!

Tesso said...

I will never whinge about the run you took me on again - that looks like a killer!!! Though i might whinge about the lack of champers at the end ;-)

With the training you are doing 6ft is going to be a walk in the park for you CJ. I can see you at the end saying to people ... "I thought you said there were hills" :-)

Jen_runs said...

Man oh Man. You aren't going to drag me up THAT mountain next month, are you????

Anonymous said...

It was a great day

2P said...

Yeah OK - that's a mountain ;-)

Anonymous said...

OMG That's amazing. Wow, you did good.