Monday, January 29, 2007

Muscles Monday

No running but a gym day instead. Legs feel fine; I'm just suffering some residual tiredness from the weekend's long run. So it was a lower body workout plus abs this morning; which is kind of ironic because my poor old legs get enough of a workout anyway!

There were less people at the gym this morning - guess the new year resolutions are starting to peter out about now. The regulars were there but not too many new faces. I had to drop back on the weights for some of the exercises because my legs were objecting, but it was still a hard workout.


Freddo Inventor dies (as reported in today's Canberra Times)

A Freddo Frog flag will be draped over the coffin of the man who invented the Australian chocolate icon more than 70 years ago. Harry Melbourne, who thought up the idea of the chocolate frog named Freddo when he was 18, has died in Melbourne, aged 94.

And from the Cadbury Australia website:
Seventy years ago Harry Melbourne invented our beloved Freddo Frog.

When MacRobertson Chocolates was looking for a new idea for their Children's range, a chocolate mouse was most preferred. Harry Melbourne, who was employed at MacRobertson, knew this would not sell and in 1930 created Freddo Frog.

"I told Macpherson Robertson (the owner of MacRobertson Chocolates) women and children were afraid of mice and a chocolate mouse would not sell".

When Harry pitched the idea to Macpherson Robertson he said "I'd like to see one, make one up and bring it over to my office".

"I did and three days later the Marketing Manager said I had backed a winner."

iliketoast I owe you a freddo frog.

And in response to ihatetoast's question about what I did on my do. nothing. day - naturally I had coffee (2 in fact), went for a walk, and read. Pretty boring actually....


Ewen said...

Will it be "Taylor Tuesday"? Two or three laps of Mt Taylor, or are you deservedly resting on your laurels?

2P said...

Does the gym have a pool?


Black Knight said...

I hate the gym, I hate the treadmill, I hate a lot of thing....but we need them.

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting snippet about the Freddo frog. I never knew it had an inventor as such and intriguing to think there was a real person behind the brand name.

IHateToast said...

your do-nothing day pretty much describes my days now. you just need to add "walk around with no pants, scratch bum, feel sorry for self."

i am feeling mighty fine knowing i had 3 cappuccini in 2 hours. so in touch with my inner cj.

iliketoast said...

What a wonderful idea to remember this Icon and I am most appreciative to be inaugural recipient.

After such a massive run on the weekend, perhaps a second rest day would be a good idea.