Monday, January 15, 2007

Muddle of a run

Monday Total: 9.4k
Week Total: 9.4k
Month Total: 123.7k
Year Total: 123.7k

There are some days when I just should not be let out the door to run - especially in afternoons when it is still 32*c at 6pm; when I think I can run like its only 16*c but the sun is beating down and I have no water and there is not a lot of shade. There are some days when I just do really stupid things and today was one of those days - can't help it, its in the genes.....or maybe it was one cup of coffee too many......or because it was my first day back at work after having a month off.............

The plan was to do a steady 10km run - and I thought if I could 5min kms that would be a steady run; 50mins and I could call it a day. Well actually I was still debating whether to do 8km, 9km or 10km - after all, it was still hot outside and my legs were still a little stiff from last week's runs. So I left my options open.......after 5.8km I revised my options.........have a break and then do another 4.8km, call it intervals and then call it a day.........after another 3.6km call it quits and walk home the last kilometre. Mr CJ just shook his head and mumbled something about lunacy or suchlike as I walked back into the yard, looking very hot and bothered and thirsty.

1st interval
Distance: 5.8km
Time: 28.14min
Av pace: 4.51min/km
AHR: 164; MHR: 181
Started with: Real Wild Child - Iggy Pop

Rest Interval: the time it took to listen to We're not gonna take it - Twisted Sister (3:40min)

2nd interval
Distance: 3.6km
Time: 17.09min
Av pace: 4.43min/km
AHR: 176; MHR: 184
Finished with: Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes

So sometimes runs don't quite go to plan................


Anonymous said...

You learn more from your bad runs than your good ones.

What did you learn? Love the heat, take water and be positive.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could learn to love the heat. I find my worst running happens typically in the summer. My HR stays low and I can run so much faster in the cold. Maybe I need to change my attitude!!

Just to let you know we are in the middle of an ice/snow storm so driving conditions have not been fun. It is about 15 degrees F.

Ewen said...

You've invented a new type of interval session CJ - well done!

Oh yes... don't forget... you are expected to defend your ACT 10,000m title next year :)

IHateToast said...

twisted sister. i think you might be teh only one i know who listens to that now. all i remember is posing in 12th grade's class photo with their folder held up.
i don't know if i'm comfortable knowing you're listening to 80s hair bands. this is like... you know... third date information. i'm just not ready!

and how can you have 1 cup too many? what did you do? reach 20?

Anonymous said...

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