Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Terrific Tuesday

Late edit - I have officially entered Six Foot Track Marathon.

Tuesday Total: 10k
Week Total: 10k
Month Total: 199.1k
Year Total: 199.1k

Time: 48.50min
Av pace: 4.52min/km
AHR: 160; MHR: 194
Started with: Here Comes Another One - SGT
Finished with: Pretty Vegas - INXS

Oh man, have I got sore musckles today. DOMS has moved from the legs to the upper body and getting the crop top on and off this morning was an exercise in pain and patience. However I'm pleased to say it didn't really affect my running. An amazing fact I learnt this morning: within 15mins I can go from being asleep to running my first km in 4.58min/km. Isn't caffeine wonderful!!!

The way I've found to motivate myself to run at a fairly brisk pace and not slacken off, which I am prone to doing on my own, is to set Garmin Girl to Virtual Partner mode. Usually I will set it to run at 5.30min/km pace. Then my competitive streak kicks in and I try to beat her by a sizeable margin. Today the gap was 1.17km - happy with that!

The Crown Affair
On 8th December last year I went to the dentist for the first of 2 visits to have a crown put on a tooth that had root canal treatment in 2005. Two months and 8 visits later I finally have the crown fitted. So 2 months, 2 crowns (1 crown broke and I was nowhere near it – in fact, I wasn’t even there), 2 temporaries (inc 1 swallowed!), 4 replacements of temporary crown, 1 visit in person to ceramist, 3 visits of crown to ceramist (without me)…..I think that’s it!!!! *touch wood*


Anonymous said...

Garmin girl never stood a chance, well done!

Ewen said...

You have a mean streak CJ. Let poor GG run a bit quicker than that!

Don't you mean 'touch ceramic'?

Anonymous said...

Some training run that was - good thing it was before the heat set in! Hope your "musckles" are feeling better!!

Tesso said...

Hmmm, must drink more coffee :-)

I like your 5 choices for the top 10. I think you're on a winner with the Hilltop Hoods. They were in my final 7. Goodness knows why I got rid of them!

IHateToast said...

do you ever stress out when the satellites can't read your garmin and then it shows you as resting while the virtual passes you? always happened to me in the mangroves.

and yea! for 6 foot

Jen_runs said...

Woohoo!! Six Foot here we come :-)

2P said...

Excellent news on the entry form CJ - oh yeah - nice run too ;-)