Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday, thankfully

Thursday Total: 10k
Week Total: 46k
Month Total: 10k
Year Total: 316.8k

Time: 54min
Av pace: 5.24min/km
AHR: 143; MHR: 184
Started with: Bad Touch - Bloodhound Gang
Finished with: Fight for all the wrong reasons - Nickelback

My legs generally object to Thursday runs - they know its the last one before a rest day (from running) and before the big one on Saturday. Also by Thursday I have usually run another 3 times during the week including the mid-week medium run and a short fast run plus let's not forget the gym workout on Monday. So hence the title (tho' ihatetoast has given me an idea for next Thursday's heading!)

I ran against Garmin Girl (GG) again this morning with the goal being 5.30min/km pace. Quite doable, you say, in fact too easy? Not this morning; at the 5km mark I was about 66m behind so this run turned out to be a negative split run. By the time I finished I was about 116m ahead but GG made me work for it today.

This was followed by breakfast with Strewth and Mr B at Red Belly Black where I had 2 black coffees and muesli with natural yoghurt, peach and strawberries.


R2B said...

I was trying to think of which day i like the least but because i am a shiftworker it is more the days i look forward to eg track on a thursday that i often have to miss!

We are so lucky to be fit and healthy

Cheers R2B

Tesso said...
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Tesso said...

Like R2B I'm a shift worker. And I'm really really thankful its Thursday because this morning I finished work for the rest of the week :-)

I find whatever pace I set out to do it seems hard, even if I plan to run at 6 minute pace. Maybe what we should do is set a goal pace and deduct 30 seconds.

2P said...

That's a pretty handy negative split all the same CJ.

Congrats on the January total as well - very impressive considering how many hills it contained - well done ;-)

Ewen said...

'Thankfully Thursday' would be better... it's never thultry down here.

Your 5k on Tuesday - I'm dreaming of a time like that right now, and you do it with one leg tied behind your back!

Tuggeranong Don said...

R2B is right we are lucky to be fit and healthy. And 2P is right about January's total, which is very impressive and well up on the same time last year. But when you include runs like you did last weekend that is no surprise.

You had that nasty bug last year and you must have wondered if you would get the mileage up again. But things are looking good CJ.

D said...

Good job beating Garmin Girl. I would be surprised to find out that she has ever beaten your fast self!

IHateToast said...

YOU DIDN'T BEAT GARMIN GIRL HONESTLY! nooo, you stunned her. many people don't know that garmin girl is a pious & pixelated pixie. who knows, maybe you would have beaten her anyway, but i am fairly sure that she couldn't run during the bloodhound gang because she was gasping and fanning herself. as her wrists are little squares, that's hard for her and the corners of her hands nick her cheeks.

yes.. choose carefully you must, mm?