Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Revenge of the hills

Today Total: 22.6k
Week Total: 22.6k
Month Total: 60.3k
Year Total: 60.3k

The holiday is over and its back to training so I was up early this morning for a medium long mid-week run, before it got too hot. I thought that having an easy week would mean having fresh legs and feeling revitalised so why did it feel just as hard as before running up those hills?! However it was good to get out on the trails - its a really pleasant run if you disregard the uphill sections. They're there to keep me honest! And I did run it slightly faster than the last time I ran this route, which was on New Years Eve. Some of the trails are very rocky - not huge boulders but rather the paths are covered with lots of small pebbly rocks and this can be very uncomfortable to run on, particularly if you land awkwardly on them, which I seemed to be doing quite a bit this morning.

After the run I had a slice of toast with honey- it was soooo delicious and crunchy and mmmm, mmmm (this is for Katy!!!!!) *hehehehe*

Time - 2hr 16.54min
Av pace - 6.02min/km
AHR - 149; MHR - 172
Started with: Turn up the radio - Masters Apprentices
Finished with: DOA - Foo Fighters

"jones the grocer group of stores seeks to provide you with a truly individual gourmet experience every time you enter one of our stores.

Each store will stock premium local products and sumptuous delights made in their own kitchens, which complement the “jones the grocer” range of products."

Had lunch with Bec in Manuka at jones the grocer - very upmarket! The sumptuous delight I had was the poached chicken, walnut, aioli, and mesclun in a sourdough roll (aka a chicken and salad roll with mayo!). Coffee was good.


iliketoast said...

That's a serious run. Great to see you again, good luck with the preparation for 6 foot.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back CJ and congrats on those great holiday snaps. My secret sources in Brisbane had already informed me about your run on Sunday with the Brisbane crew. It looked to be a great run and a great bunch.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back cj and take care in the heat, Only 3 months to the marathon and less to the Weston Creek half. All your marathon training will make for a great half, hope you see you run a three minute WC PB.

Tesso said...

Great pace for a hill run. That's probably about what we did on the flat at the GC.

Keep up the good work.

Clairie said...

A great run that really shows you are on the right track with your training for Six Foot. A 6min paced run up those hills is a good solid effort. Keep it up!

Wobbly man said...

Wow CJ- a mid-week 22k run. No wonder you are so bloody fast - or maybe it's your chocolate enriched eating plan..

Love the music references btw - I have downloaded a few of them as a result of reading them on your blog.

IHateToast said...

now you're just being spiteful!

also not a big fan of honey. okay as an ingredient or manuka on the dogs' wounds, but just dripping it on bread? ew!

must you disturb me so?

2P said...

Nice work as always CJ - not too many pebbles on Six Foot - but lots of ruts!

Hope the 10k was a success.