Tuesday, January 09, 2007

And on the 5th day there was sunshine!

Sunday - aren't they a friendly looking bunch! This was post-run and breakfast and I think by this stage the smiles were frozen on our faces from all the photos that had been taken! Thanks guys for a great morning and a special thanks to Tesso for organising it.

It was a great run to the Spit and back (10km), at a very leisurely pace. It might've been early but I was still feeling the heat.

Sunday evening - our holiday wouldn't have been complete without a night out at Dracula's Cabaret restaurant. Ok its not highbrow or classy but it was a lot of fun - in fact, it was a hoot!

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Final day - omg, I do believe that is sunshine and blue sky. This is how I picture the Gold Coast and this is what we got weather-wise for the last 2 days! Bewdiful!


Tesso said...

It was so good to catch up with you CJ. Thank goodness the weather cleared up, I was getting worried you wouldn't come back for another visit if we didn't turn on at least one nice day.

You must come back soon. Maybe July?

IHateToast said...

i feel guilty about the weather. you have to come back.

Clairie said...

Theres me! Theres me!

Great to see you again CJ and yes sorry about the weather. Then again, I guess it was a bit cooler than it may have been if we had our usual stinking hot humid summer weather that we get every Christmas. At least you got the reprieve of some rain and cool winds to remind you of home!!!

Can't wait till I actually get to RUN WITH you as opposed to just eating food with you :) .....and after all the bloody hype I was sure I would see SOME form of chocolate on the table...but no I was sadly disappointed. Next Time!

Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely days you had there sharing with nice friends!
Great pictures thanks for showing a part of your country.

Ewen said...

Unlike the nasty looking Canberra runners. I bet cappuccinos and raisin toast were on the menu.

Rae said...

What a great looking vacation!!