Friday, January 12, 2007

The morning after.....

After the 10,000m - very glad to be finished!

Friday Total: 9k
Week Total: 41.6k
Month Total: 79.3k
Year Total: 79.3k

Hmmm, not feeling so sprightly this morning as I headed out on my easy run - I was very slow and stiff to begin with. The plan was to do 10km but then thought that 8km was more achievable, but ended up running 9km anyway. It was very warm and muggy and when the sun did make an appearance from behind the clouds, it was hot. And I'm talking 7am!

Time: 51.07min
Av pace: 5.41min/km
AHR: 171 (quite high); MHR: >200
Started with: Oh Yeah - End of Fashion
Finished with: SOS - Rihanna

So its another hot day - 38*c. Too hot to do anything but sit in front of the aircooler and watch the one day cricket.

Tomorrow: long hilly run

Useless bit of (interesting) trivia: In 1453, Turkish law made it legal for a woman to divorce her husband if he failed to provide her with her daily quota of coffee.


Anonymous said...

and don't you know you'd have been a demanding woman! a force!

Black Knight said...

Lady CJ, the first 2007 champion! Congrats. This must only be the first victory of this year.
Very nice picture, the picture of the glory.

Anonymous said...

You are so fast CJ! I love the Turkish Law fact you posted!