Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday Total: 21k
Week Total: 31k
Month Total: 220.1k
Year Total: 220.1k

Time: 2hr 6.03min
Av pace: 6min/km
AHR: 151; MHR: 240
Started with: Minority - Green Day
Finished with: Common People - Pulp

Woke up in the early hours of the morning to the sound of falling rain. What a lovely sound - unfortunately we don't hear it all that often. It was quite a heavy shower but all it served to do was make things muggier than they already were.

Then it was up at 4.30am for breakfast - toast with honey and banana (yum!) and coffee. The mornings are darker now - at 5.30am when I left on my mid-week medium long run it was still dark. I ran up, up, up Springvale Dve - this morning it seemed extra long but finally I reached the top and continued along to Mt Painter nature park - more hills that seemed to go on forever. Then it was on through Cook, Aranda bushland and finally, Black Mountain nature park. It was only on my return trip that I started seeing other people out for walks, some were jogging, others had their dogs, a few were cycling. By the time I got home I was dripping in sweat - it was extremely muggy. And that was my half marathon (well almost - didn't run that extra 100m!) before work.


Tesso said...

You are killing this training CJ. Steve the mountain goat hasn't got you thinking about a long one at Glasshouse has he?

Have you heard the William Shatner version of 'Common People'? Its a hoot. His 'In Love' is even better :-)

2P said...

That us a wonderful Wednesday run CJ - half marathon before work - I like it ;-)

IHateToast said...

toast with honey? what is wrong with you, wummun!?

you'll be happy to know i had a scary spider dream. you must have put a curse on me.

and finally...

if you're going to alliterate this week, can i put in a request for Thekthy Thursday?

Anonymous said...

Doing better than me, too early to start. I was just going to sleep. Bananas & honey on toast. Beautiful!!

Ewen said...

4:30am! You'll be wide awake (after your 2nd coffee) at 6.30am on Saturday :)