Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A grey day

Today Total: 12.3k
Week Total: 12.3k
Month Total: 12.3k
Year Total: 12.3k
(thanks must go to 2P where I got the idea from!)

Today's run
Distance - 12.3k
Time - 1hr 6.28min
Av pace - 5.24min/km
AHR - 144; MHR - 161
Started with: Special K - Placebo
Finished with: Sarah - Eskimo Joe

Slight niggle with R knee this morning but it soon wore off. Wasn't feeling as light on my feet this morning - that could be attributed to a) a bad night's sleep and/or to b) the fact that I'm a couple of kgs heavier than I normally am, thanks to Christmas festivities. Whatever; I felt as though I was moving more like a baby elephant rather than a gazelle!!!! I will deal with the weight issue after the Gold Coast!

Tomorrow we are off to the Gold Coast - I am so looking forward to getting away for a few days for some, hopefully, sun and surf. It was cool, grey and miserable here today - hard to believe its January. And maybe I might see some of the Bris Vegas CRs!!!!

So its over and out until next Monday. Have a good week; I know I will!!!!


Luckylegs said...

You're leaving Canberra for holidays just when I'm coming there for a week! But how lucky for you to get to where the sunshine is.

I'll be in Canberra for a week, starting from this Friday, 5th. Have a great time up north!

2P said...

LOL CJ - a few picked it up at the start of '06 but couldn't sustain it - here's hoping you go the distance - I suspect you will :-)

If you see Tesso give her a punch in the belly from me :-)))

Have a great holiday.

Jen_runs said...

Have a great holiday CJ. Hope to see you soon :-)

Lulu said...

Have a great time on the coast and come back full of beans (coffee and chocolate beans!)

Tesso said...

Apologies for the bad weather CJ. Hopefully the weatherman will weave his magic wand and turn on some sunshine for you.

Catch ya soon :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah you will have a wonderful week I bet you deserve it!

IHateToast said...

yeah... sorry about the weather. such a lame welcome. perhaps we didn't want to shock you.

see you soon!

iliketoast said...


Try to keep us away ..... Katy's has been hoping around the house singing "CJ is Coming" .... although I know she is keen to see you, I believe it is more about the excuse to buy and share chocolate.

A Girl Running said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Have a great time

Ewen said...

Enjoy the sun and surf CJ - Trent's hill will be patiently waiting for your return.

Now I know why you're doing 6' - the journey to it takes much longer than for a marathon :)

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Anonymous said...

I have just got back from a few days on the Gold Coast myself and had a very nice time up north, tho the weather was surprisingly mild. Have a great new year CJ and I will catch up with you around the traps. I will be running the Canberra Marathon too.

Black Knight said...

I would like to run as fast as a baby elephant. Have a great holiday.

Marcus said...

Hey found your blog while reading Kazy Cassidys'blog. You're doing well, quite a fast runner. Keep up the good work,