Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hot, hilly and dusty*

*its all a matter of perspective so see here for another perspective on today's run!

It's not clear from the photo but my socks were almost brown from the dust, as were my legs before I stood in the lake to cool down after the run.

Saturday Total: 35k
Week Total: 76.6k
Month Total: 114.3k
Year Total: 114.3k

Moving Time: 3hr 49.38min
Av pace: 6.31min/km
AHR: 148; MHR: 193
Elevation gain: +1,500 / -1,489
Max elevation: 850m
Started with: Livin' la Vida Loca - Ricky Martin
Finished with: Real Wild Child - Iggy Pop
Special mention: Teenagers - My Chemical Romance (best song of the morning!)

Yesterday the temperature reached 40*c - not very nice at all. It was cooler when we started our run this morning but halfway up Mt Ainslie the first time and I was feeling hot. My legs, especially my quads were still feeling tight from Thursday's 10km on the track - in fact, it felt like I had done a lot of downhill running.

Anyway got to see Strewth and Barb very briefly before the groups went their separate ways. I started slowly (and didn't get much faster) and just tried to keep the guys in my sights - this didn't always work! For a lot of the run it was just me and my music which got louder as the run wore on. The rollercoaster was okay the first time but coming back over it a little later from the other way was a helluva lot harder, but as John pointed out, we had also run 20km by then and it was a lot warmer. In fact the temperature range for the run was 17*c when we started to 26*c when we finished.
Ewen went for a tumble - I gave him 10/10 for style. In fact I hadn't realised that he had fallen, that's how good it was - he tumbled and got to his feet, practically in one move!

So the run was hot, hard and hilly - nothing new there! However, the last 5km back to the finish at Molonglo Reach was pretty impressive for me, particularly after all of the above:
31km - 5.01min/km
32km - 4.50min/km
33km - 5.17min/km (not sure what happened here)
34km - 5min/km
35km - 5.03min/km


Ewen said...

Your legs had a perfect dust tan CJ - who needs the spray-on stuff!

I'm going to give up running and take up gymnastics with a score like that - thanks :)

You were flying at the finish - how do you do that?

IHateToast said...


... but this just means more chocolate for me and the hills will be a little less abused.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic run CJ - glad I chose the shorter option!!

Anonymous said...

You did very well today CJ

Thursday and Friday were HOT!!!

Perspective ? Piece of cake.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you were melting over that heat, look at those socks!
Nothing stops you CJ, Im with Ewen, how do you do it?

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful run, CJ. I'm curioius as to whether you took a gel or used a particular sports drink during the run.

Clairie said...

Excellent effort there CJ. To go out and run a tough 35km in the heat and finish the last 5km very strongly is a sign of good things to come.

Are you sure you aren't training for a sub 3marathon??

Tesso said...

Fanatastic finish to your run there CJ. With each run you must be felling more and more confident about 6ft and Canberra.

I must get a hold of 'Teenagers'. I really like their 'Welcome to the Black Parade', its so sort of

PS You are developing quite the reputation missy, all these men falling at your feet.

2P said...

Great work as always CJ - but why do manufacturers insist on making white running shoes?