Thursday, February 23, 2006

Fartlek Thursday

Thanks everyone for advice on the bruised toenail - greatly appreciated.

This morning's session - Fartlek

Time / weather - 6am / 17*c, overcast, no wind
Distance - 13km
Time taken - 1hr 7.32min
Av pace - 5.12min/km
AHR - 149

Session included:
2 x 60sec effort/60sec float
4 x 30sec effort/30sec float
Repeat x 2

A really good run - even in my warm up I was running well. Garmin Girl told me to slow down several times. This is unusual - my warm-up is normally at plod pace until my body realises its not a bad dream but that I am actually outdoors running. Even during the fartlek bit I ran hard so by the end I felt like I had a really good workout.

Now I need a nana nap!

Looking back - Road to IM 2004
45 days to go

Workout - Swim - endurance
Time - 8pm, AIS 25m pool - Cindy (coach)
Distance - 2.6km swim + 200m water run

I felt tired today after yesterday' session. Also felt headachey - I probably didn't drink enough after the session. I decided to miss the aquathlon in favour of the swim session as I won't be swimming next Thursday. Tonight my stroke felt all over the place - Cindy told me to focus on my pull and also not to cross hands at entry. I improved near the end of the session - it took a while!

I was really hungry when I got home - more so than usual. I had toast with peanut butter and then some ricecream with fruit.

I am starting to worry whether I've done enough training for the IM - particularly cycling. Is this normal? I know I've put the work in - I think I'm still feeling guilty about missing last Sunday's 180km cycle - I will make up for it this Sunday.

[late edit - looking back I find it hard to believe that I thought I wasn't doing enough training. I also had a coach who was preparing my training schedules.]


2P said...

Good to hear you had one you were really happy with CJ - we need these to bouy our spirits some times ;-)

KIT said...

I love the fartlek sessions! I can't wait to meet up with you as well! I love to read your blog and laugh at how similiar we are at times...spooky! Although I am the slower version :-)
My glute is going really well... touch wood! I just keep doing all my exercises to keep them strong. My feet are a bit sore at the moment... going for a massage on Saturday.

CJ said...

...and younger version Katie!

miners said...

Great run effort - great to see you're still showing the commitment to get out early AND get some fartlek work in.

And, as before, I am LOVING the IM updates from 2004. They provide so much persepctive on the prep, and it must be really cathartic to relive some of the pondering you were doing back then (which I'm sure absolutely every IMer must have done - I certainly am).

You're right about your last paragraph edit. You looked like you trained really solidly, and put in a huge amount. What time did you end up doing in your IM? I find it's relevant to compare with others I'm training with who have their OWN ideas of what they might be able to achieve.

CJ said...

IM time - 13hr 2:10min. Not a world-breaking time I know but I had a ball on the day and loved every moment of it. Didn't crash and burn!

iliketoast said...

Pretty good condition for a run. Keep at it the marathon is getting close now.

Hilda said...

So you dream you run and a bad warm up is a bad dream... I see.

13hrs 20min?? Didn't crash and burn!!! You never stop surprising me, you are so strong!

Thanks for asking, I will run in august 27 the marathon in Mexico city, where all my family you want to come?

Susan said...

I would love for Garmin Girl and Garmina to run together some day . . . I think you've trained hard enough CJ . . . If you haven't there is not hope for the rest of us my distance obsessed friend!

D said...

(Twin photos posted.) Awesome session! Love your thoughts on bad coffee!

Luckylegs said...

A great morning's work, CJ! You're putting in a huge effort & all will be repaid on THE DAY!

Like you, I find a "nana nap" is the way to go!