Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Change of plans

Today's session - anaerobic threshold session inc 4 x 4min efforts (2min RI)

Time / weather - 6.30am / 12*c, cool, no wind
Distance - 10.7km
Time taken - 59.20min
Av pace - 5.30min/km
AHR - 147

4 x 4min efforts:
1st - 960m / av 4.10min/km
2nd - 940.9m / av 4.15min/km
3rd - 1.02km / av 3.56min/km
4th - 944.6m / av 4.14min/km

Normally I would do the weekly cross country run - which today is a 5km near the National Library. However, son #3 flies in from Sydney this evening and I will be picking him up from the airport which meant a change of plans - the cross country race was off.

Also normally I wouldn't run 2 hard sessions back to back but oh well, can't always follow the perfect program can we. And the fact that it was forecast to be 31*c today convinced me that an early morning run would be much more pleasant, despite the pain of having to get out of bed way way too early.

I had an easy 5km warm up before starting the 4min intervals, and then it was on. There was a stretch of cycle path that wasn't too undulating that I could use for the intervals. After each interval I walked slowly to recover. It was hard work but the advantage is that the session is over pretty quickly despite the pain.

Because it is Pancake Day today a friend and I went out for a pancake breakfast this morning before work - cinnamon sugar pancakes with banana and maple syrup. Believe me, I had earned that breakfast!

Looking back - Road to IM 2004
40 days to go

Workout 1 - Cycle - Haydon Dve loop x 1; Coulter Dve loop x 1

Time - 5am / easterly wind, overcast, 12*c
Distance - 27.4km
Duration - 74min
Av spd - 22kph

I have 'dead' legs today so I was very slow on the bike. I had to cut my ride short because the bike light had died and also I had forgotten to wear gloves - my hands were beginning to hurt (I'm a wuss).

Workout 2 - Swim session

Time - 7pm / Belconnen pool
Distance - 4.5km
Duration - 1hr 40mins

Comfortable swim - no problems. It was fairly quiet at the pool so I wasn't bothered by any other swimmers.


2P said...

Love that 3rd one CJ very nice!

2 hard sessions back to back with no dramas is a good indication of your progress - nice monthly total too ;-)

E-Speed said...

mmm pancakes!

i love your flash backs to your ironman training, v. cool

Lulu said...

Yum, those pancakes do sound nice! I hope you recover from the two hard sessions in a row. I'm sure you will!

speedygeoff said...

Nice running CJ, good session that anyone under 45 can cope with. And even if 45 year olds + might not handle such a session, they should still be able to manage the pancakes, heh?

KIT said...

After that 3rd effort you deserved pancakes!!! Go CJ!!!
I am at the point I am having to curb my excitment... still 41 days to go :-)

KIT said...

Not a problem!!! Plenty to share around ;-)

Ewen said...

Have a great day CJ!

You know... that day ;-)

Hilda said...

I made intervals today but the slow version... you are so fast!! Watching you should be so motivating... post a video!!

Rae said...

Pancakes sound great!! Enjoy your visit with your son!