Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Life is too short to drink bad coffee

This morning's session - medium long run

Time - 6am / 18*c, muggy
Distance - 12km
Time taken - 1hr 6.32min
Av pace - 5.32min/km
AHR - 149

Toyed with the idea of running after work but I'm glad I made myself get up and run - its 31*c now (4.25pm). Felt tired after yesterday's cross country event and my glute ached for the first couple of kms. What was really bothering me though was the bruised toenail - god it hurts. Are there any remedies for a bruised toenail - it's so goddamn tender.

Gradually got into my stride and the run was uneventful, apart from the throbbing toenail.

Had a coffee this morning that would have to rate as one of the worst I've ever had - it was disgusting. It must've had about 3 grains of coffee in it - it tasted like a mixture of water and milk. Yech! Life is too short to drink bad coffee. I read this morning that Rob de Castella has opened a bakery/cafe that sells gluten-free bread etc plus coffee. A comment he made that attracted my attention was something along the lines of he's had too many bad coffees in the past so he's very particular with the quality of the coffees they sell. I plan on visiting this place because I do so love a challenge!

Looking back - Road to IM 2004
46 days to go

Workout - Brick session - long cycle/run

Time - 5am / 28*c when running; clear skies, breeze
Cycle distance - 150km
Cycle duration - 6hr 32.17min
Av spd - 23kph [this is so embarrassing]
Run duration - 1hr 1.34min

It was going to be a warm day (34*c) so I left early on my ride - about 4.50am. Had a few twinges in my left knee late in the ride but it didn't affect my run (I hope my L ITB isn't deciding to rebel as well). I saw a few cyclists on my way to Murrumbatemen - I wonder if they are doing IM. The seat was very very uncomfortable as per usual.

I decided to reduce my run time from 2hrs to 1hr because of the heat, being the middle of the day. Good run. No problems.


speedygeoff said...

If there's a blister involved, breaking that and helping it drain asap is advised. Also you could cut some of the toenail away, particularly if it is longish or damaged.
Another tack is cutting a hole in the fabric of your running shoe where the toe presses.

2P said...

Another nice one CJ ;-)

If you mean by bruised that it is black underneath the nail ie full of blood - you can always drill through the nail to release the pressure - though you may want your doc to do this :-)

RunDave said...

"Life is too short to drink bad coffee". Amen to that. The reason that I am hooked on double-shot capuccinos is because I was so sick of weak coffees that I started asking for doubles just in case they made weak coffee. For me, too strong is much better than too weak. In fact too strong is preferable.

KIT said...

I agree bad coffee is just WRONG!!! Great run yesterday by the way, followed up by a good session today! Ouch the toe sounds sore... I keep mine so ridiculously short they never get bruised.

Robert Song said...

As 2P said if it is bruised under the nail, then getting out the build up of blood will help.

First soak your toe in hot water for 10 minutes to soften the nail. Then get a sharp needle and poke it through the nail till it just gets through. Take out the needle and watch the blood gush out. I have done this a few times over the years and it is easier than it sounds.

Hilda said...

Well done after yesterday's workout and a glute pain.
Hope your nail is better.
Dominican coffee is very good, not the mexican especially.

Jen_runs said...

Nor bad/cheap chocolate or bad wine. Give me the good stuff I say!

I've loved reading your reports on your training leading up to the 04 IM. How inspiring! Can't wait to move down there and meet you and Strewth for a swim and breakfast!

iliketoast said...

I am commenting on the title alone .... YES!!!!!

Carolyne said...

Bob and I checked out deek's cafe/bakery today. Not a place to go for carbo loading ~ beware! The grain free bread is high protein, low carb, and servings v. small and quite expensive (if good quality for what we had).

The waitperson apologised that the "coffee machine wasn't working" and to let them know if it was no good. It was very watery and tasteless and they refunded the money ($3 each) without question. Certainly needs further investigation.

Rae said...

Sorry to hear about the toe! Brent has had a couple of black toenails and just waiting them out.

Bad coffee stinks! Esp if it's expensive, that's when I get angry and take it back!