Sunday, February 05, 2006

A run down memory lane.....

....or more precisely, the Thistle Run course. Strewth would know what I was talking about - it used to be a regular marathon training run for us (and Kezza) back in 2001, when we were training for our very first marathon. The landscape has changed a lot in that time - back then we were running on gravel roads through pine forest; today I was running on gravel roads with very small pine trees beginning to grow. The one thing that hadn't changed was the hills - I'd forgotten how many there were! I don't know why I bothered with downhill strides yesterday as I got lots of practice today, as well as uphill repeats.

Today's session - long run with the last 20mins at steady pace ie about 5min/km pace.

Time / weather - 7.30am / overcast and very pleasant though got very warm by the time I finished.
Distance - 28km
Time taken - 2hr 26.18min
Av pace - 5.13min/km (the final 4km in 1km splits: 4.56/5.02/4.42/4.43min/km)
AHR - 155; MHR - 187
Calories - 1,752

As I mentioned, my run this morning took in the old Thistle Run we used to do, as well as running up a hill parallel to the Gunbarrel Hill (?) and then running down GBH, and then heading down by the river and running along that until I reached the zoo. Then I turned and headed back towards Deeks Drive where I began my last 4km at steady pace up to the start of the old Jogalong course, where I turned and headed back to just past the carpark at Deeks Drive.

Heading out on the Thistle Run I passed a black cow who slowly ambled across the road. I checked behind me just to make sure he wasn't following and continued on my way. However, on the return trip I passed him again, and another cow who popped out from behind a large bush. They started to amble behind me - most disconcerting. Its alright guys, I don't need an escort, I can find my own way out, I was thinking. I like cows but from a distance, not so close that I can count their eyelashes. This feeling goes back to when I was younger and we lived on a farm. The school bus stopped on the main road and we had a walk of a couple of kilometres to get home. One hot summers day my brother and I decided to take a shortcut through the paddocks, not realising there were cows in there. Next thing we know we are surrounded by a large group of very curious cows. We took off at a hundred miles per hour with cows in pursuit! Mum said she's never seen anything so funny in all her life. I beg to differ.

Anyway I digress. The two cows decided against following me (thank goodness) and I carried on, with the occasional glance behind just to make sure. I felt much better once I had clambered back over the gate!

It was a good run - I was starting to feel a bit achey in both glutes by the 24km mark, and I still had the faster 4km to do yet. I was mentally plotting routes that would not involve hills for this part of the run. The way I eventually ran wasn't too bad but even so it did involve a gradual incline which is reflected in my average pace for the 2nd of the 4km - 5.02min/km, when the other 3km remained below 5min/kms. F...far out but it's a hard way to finish a long run.

So, today on my run I saw runners, walkers, horse riders, a 4 wheel drive, a woman walking the most enormous looking dog I'd ever seen - from a distance it looked the size of a lanky pony......but no spiders!

Tomorrow is a rest day - yay! I've been running so much lately I'm even starting to to run in my dreams!

This week I ran a total of 85km.
Next week it will be 94km, including an 18km medium long run midweek, a 12km anaerobic threshold run on Tuesday, a 12km temp + hill run on Thursday and a 32km long run on Sunday.

Bought the book The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella today - sounded like me!


Gronk said...

Nice run CJ. Looks like your building up nicely. Best of luck in the coming week.

Ewen said...

Did you talk to the cows CJ?

You're running well - that's a good pace for that distance on a hilly course, and so fast at the end too.

By the way, even I'm not that much of a pedantic bastard - 233.42km for the month - really!

Tesso said...

Wow, nice fast last 4k CJ! Good to see all is on track for a great run in Canberra.

And about those hairy spider problems, just show them a kettle, that'll scare them off ;-)

Black Knight said...

Excellent workout. I know what you mean about the landscapes. I am very angry because here the elctric company is cutting maritime pines to build a coal pier!

2P said...

Impressive weekly total CJ and a great run today - being surrounded by cows is good training for your Six Foot debut next year ;-)

Cliff said...

Reminds me of the time when i went ot PEI to ride aroudn the island. There was cows along the road that would stop and stare at me. I would stop and start waving at them.

They must have think I am some craze rider or something.

Lulu said...

Sounds like a good run CJ and a big week ahead. No wonder you're dreaming about running.

I've read the undomestic goddess.. it's a fun read!

KIT said...

I am having running dreams too! Last week was my bigest ever at 82km... this week is heading towards the 90's- getting scary! Only 62 days to go :-)
That was a great run CJ and to finish off at that pace is fantastic!