Tuesday, February 07, 2006


This will be a quick entry because I am so tired and my bed is calling.

Today's session - anaerobic threshold run
Time / weather - 6pm; sunny, cool breeze, about 21*c
Distance - 12.9km total; warm up - 3.5km; Cross country race - 5.2km; Cool down - 4.2km
Time taken - 65.22min (total); warm up - 18.37min; race - 23.32min; cool down - 23.13min
Av pace - for race - 4.31min/km inc 4 x 4min efforts (2min RI)
AHR - warm up - 151; race - 169; cool down - 148
Calories - 694

Today's race was held at Eddison Park which is close to where I work. I decided to do a warm up before the race so I could start the interval sessions as soon as the race started. There were lots of runners again today. The weather was much kinder than last week as well, which helped.

Av pace for my 4min interval efforts - 4.26min/4.16min/4.15min/4.22min/km. Happy with this.

As usual, I would pass people on my faster efforts only to have them overtake me on my rest intervals. However, it certainly makes the race go faster as I'm usually concentrating on the interval session rather than who is around me, or how far I still have to go. I also tend to try harder on the faster efforts than I would if I was doing this session on my own.

Late edit - results for the cross country run:
Place - 16th out of 59 females.
Official time - 23.33min / av pace - 4.27min/km

Lunchtime - massage

Bliss, bliss, bliss. It was so good that I almost fell asleep on the table, and it wasn't that she was being very gentle. On the contrary she was working deeply into my muscles but I was so tired. It was with great reluctance that I got off the table after the hour was up.

I am eating so much crap lately - I really must focus on eating better quality food. Today it was chocolate macadamia biscuits and too many fantales (though admittedly less than yesterday's fantale consumption!). Tomorrow it will be salad and fruit and not one fantale will pass my lips (its Fantale Free Wednesday!).



strewth said...

I can really relate to the tiredness. I have only now just sat down to write my blog and I'm so tired I hope I can finish it. You did a great run tonight.

miners said...

I thought you said you were eating crap? Fantales and choccy macadamia biscuits don't sound like crap to me ;)

Black Knight said...

Always a wonderwoman, the Black Knight bows in front of you!

Susan said...

Fantale Free Wednesday totally cracked me up. Your workouts are totally inspiring.

My goal is to eat better too . . . beat me up when I'm bad CJ - don't let me be a pig.

2P said...

Another nice workout CJ - well done ;-)

I too can totally relate the the tired thing - go to bed exhausted, wake up tired - we must be doing something right :-)

KIT said...

Now I have a craving for fanatails... yum! Great run :-)

A Girl Running said...

Happy Fantale Free Wednesday ;) hope your surviving. If the chocolate on those things doesn't lure me in, its what trivia I could be missing out on in the wrappers.

I can't buy them anymore...they are banned from our home...along with nutella and ice magic!

A Girl Running said...

ooops sorry CJ - I am a bit late answering your question:

We are moving to Secret Harbour just out of the city. Mat is working in Rockingham and we were going to live in Fremantle but the quiet living and great Golf courses further south were more tempting....we will probably end up somewhere else now...like Mandurah, either way - the running for me will be so much prettier!

E-Speed said...

lunchtime massage- SOOOO jealous!