Thursday, February 09, 2006


Today's session - easy run

Time / weather - 6am / overcast, humid, about 13*c
Distance - 12km
Time taken - 1hr 7.19min
Av pace - 5.36min/km
AHR - 144

Started run - ran 12km - finished run. Felt blah the entire way.

Was meant to go to the gym at lunchtime - nup. Changed that - will go tomorrow. I have yoga tonight - will try not to fall asleep, but if I do, then I'll try not to snore.

Lolly quota for the day - no Fantales but several Milkshakes and Sherbies (before lunch). dark chocolate bar (after lunch).


Lulu said...

Is that no fantails because they've run out! Your blah runs are still pretty quick in my book!

strewth said...

In my book too!! At least you've done your 12km - I still have to face mine! I had the same problem with yoga last night - I woke myself up - I had to concentrate on NOT falling asleep after that!

KIT said...

Tick that one off for the day!!! I wouldn't be surprised you feel tired... you have had some quick runs over the past week! It catchs up, the adjusts and then you pick up! Maby the LACK of fantails was the problem ;-)
I am still uming and ahhing about whether to head to the gym or veg out on the lounge.... I SOOOO need a sleep in :-)

2P said...

Hang on - I need some clarification - does a fugly run rate higher or lower on the CJ I'm Missing Fantails Scale than a Blah run?

And when you're coming down the final furlong in your big gig you can think back to runs like today and say I did THAT then I can do THIS now ;-)

Johnny Dark said...

I love Sherbies, but find Milkshakes tend to adhere to my molars and resist all efforts of removal.


Cirque said...

Dark chocolate is very good for you CJ. Practically a health food.

Ewen said...

CJ, you could treat yourself to a slower pace on an easy run.

5:36/k is not hugely slower than the 5:16/k of your hard run the previous day.

The 6:40/k we ran with strewth was very civilised. You could probably run at 6:00/k or slower and also benefit from a lower heartrate. Turn 'blah' into 'bliss'.

iliketoast said...

Blah happens! I forget it happens and it always worries me when it does. That's all I have to say on the subject. Blah be gone!

Cliff said...

One dark chocolate bar..uhh yum :)