Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Fugly run......

...until I got in my groove which wasn't until about the 9km mark - can't half tell I'm a long distance runner!

Session - medium long run

Time / weather - 5pm / sunny, no breeze, about 27*c (felt about 37*c halfway through the run)
Distance - 18km
Time taken - 1hr 34.54min
Av pace - 5.16min/km
AHR - 155; MHR - 171
Calories - 989

I felt good for the first kilometre and then I experienced that feeling I usually get during the run leg of a triathlon - the lead legs syndrome. I slogged along - it wasn't pretty but I can be pretty stubborn and it was a case of putting one foot in front of the other, and ignoring the tiredness and heaviness, and the relentless sun beating down on my head. A toilet stop at the 7km mark and then I was on my way again, and things were slowly starting to improve. Had a GU at the 10km mark - oh yummo - warm GU...mmmmm.

The last kilometre was pretty ugly as well but I knew it would soon be over so slugged it out...and then I was finished. yay! Another session done.

However, I have decided to change my Thursday and Friday sessions around. Tomorrow I was supposed to do a 12km hills and tempo session before work but my body is threatening to rebel. So, instead I will do an easy 12km tomorrow morning and the tempo and hills session on Friday - much more civilised.

So, tomorrow I have:
(am) - easy 12km run before work
(lunchtime) - gym session - lower body workout plus abs
(pm) - yoga

Oh, I have to confess - I did have one Fantale today - the last one in the box! Evil CJ made me do it! ;-)


Tesso said...

Great running there CJ, you are gonna be in great shape come marathon day.

The last anything in the box or packet doesn't count, it has to be eaten :-)

Susan said...

Bad, Evil CJ!! As long as it was the last one - I'll forgive you.

iliketoast said...

Still a good pace for a Fugly run! I wish I could work out what makes a good feeling run versus the "oh bugger, this just isn't working for me today". If you find out let me know.

2P said...

Yeah not a bad pace for a fugly run - lol a 9k warm-up - i love it :-)

Good on you for sticking it out CJ.

KIT said...

CJ!!!! Now I want another fantale! That is a pretty great pace for a fugly run... can't wait to see you fly on rested legs :-) Good idea to move the sessions around.... I did that this week too, which helped.

Mmmm now to find some chocolate :-)