Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hot, hot, hot

This morning I succeeded in getting up at 5am because I enlisted Mr CJ's help - he woke me up and then turned on the bedroom light. So it was actually 6am when I headed out on my 10km tempo run - it was also 21*C and humid.

Session - tempo run
Distance - 10km
Time taken - 52.17min
Av pace - 5.13min/km
AHR - 153
Calories - 549

The session involved:
* 5km warm up - 26.41min; av pace - 5.20min/km
* 2 x 60sec effort (60sec float)
* 4 x 30 sec efforts (30sec float)
* then 2 x 60sec efforts (60sec float)
* 1.02km warmdown - 5.36min

I felt the gym work I did yesterday in my legs. My legs felt like lumps of lead to start with though it did improve. I had toast and honey before the session and certainly felt a lot better for it. It felt like I was running in a sauna - it was very warm and muggy which didn't bode well for the rest of the day. Fortunately I only had yoga later today.

5.45pm - Yoga

And not before time, judging by the stiffness I was exhibiting tonight. It had been a while since I had done any sort of yoga and I certainly felt it tonight but it was a good pain. I was like one large bundle of knotted muscles and Karen, our teacher, was forever coming over to push me, prod me, press on me to get me into the appropriate poses. It was also very hot - there was no air conditioning or fans in the hall, only open windows, but there was no breeze. So we also spent a lot of time in resting pose, which was fine by me.

Some spider trivia...

The Starlight Foundation lollies box was refilled at work today which meant I was faced with Fantales every time I made myself a cup of green tea. Finally I succumbed and bought some. The wrapper on one had this to say about spiders:
"Not one of the 200 spiders used was killed during the making of Arachnophobia. The one spider "crushed" underfoot survived thanks to a hole cut in the "killer's" boot. Potato crisps were used to simulate the squish!"

The vegetarian pizza to die for

Cirque asked what was on the vegetarian pizza - roasted eggplant, capsicum, zucchini, pumpkin, goats cheese, spinach. It is really delicious. The other plus about lunch at Belucci's is that when you order coffee you also get a plate of chocolate buttons (white and milk chocolate), caramel buttons and freckles. I have such sophisticated tastes, I know!

'Year of the house' update

We had a meeting with our architect and builder this afternoon and it looks like work will begin the week after next. Which means we had better find accommodation soon!

The never-ending glute problem aka the pain in the butt (literally and metaphorically speaking)

Hilda asked whether I train through pain with my glute or whether its some types of training that aggravate it. If it was very painful I wouldn't run; usually its just a nagging ache especially if I have run a fairly hard session the day before or hills. Hills do seem to aggravate it so I have to be careful and I'm not doing as many hill runs as I would like. The problem actually is with my back, especially around L3 which is very stiff and then sets off a chain reaction down my right side. Which is why yoga is good for me - lots of sustained stretching and proper alignment.

And Tesso,what was the name of that chocolate cake - it sounds divine!


Tesso said...

CJ, I forget the name of the cake. But I do have photographic evidence that it does exist. I'll try to remember to email the pic to you when I get home (I'm at work).

Some years back my flatmate and I had a visitor and game him a cuppa. There was a spiders leg in his tea. We thought it must've been in the cup before we poured it. A week later we found a very dead seven legged spider in our jug :-)

iliketoast said...

This looks like a Fartlek and compares well to your Day 5 .... I note the HR was much lower ... why was this?

Hilda said...

Then you are running somehow over pain... just trying to not agravate it more.
That's why yoga is so important!
I am following you CJ!!

miners said...

Aren't fantales wonderful things! The things you learn ...