Friday, February 03, 2006


Session - Easy run
Time - 6.10am / overcast, about 16*c, felt muggy
Distance - 12km
Time taken - 61.23min
Av pace - 5.07min/km
AHR - 153; MHR - 168
Calories - 670

No problems getting up this morning - I am slowly getting into a routine. Today was an easy run but just when I was about to run out the door it started raining. Evil CJ thought I should just go back to bed but Saint CJ dug her heels in pointing out that it was only a little shower and that it would soon be over. She was right, as always. It was a great run - I really enjoyed it. I love it when a run comes together with no particular effort :-).

And if I am ever up Qld way and Tesso offers me a coffee, I'll be sure to check the jug and the cup before the coffee is made!


KIT said...

5:07 pace for an easy run... looking good!!! Its good when your in a routine... hard to establish though! I had to bully myself out of bed this morning :-)

miners said...

OK - I'm the naive one. What is TGIF?

If it was on one of most blog post titles, I could very readily adapt it for a short description regarding the current state of my garmin. Not sure what your intention was though?

2P said...

And so say all of us CJ - I'm very thankfull too ;-)

Nice run - good job.

Lulu said...

Sounds like you were flying along today CJ!

speedygeoff said...

re TGIF - 'aint retirement wonderful!

Cirque said...

Well done on getting out there today. That's more than many of us did, but I won't mention names
(except that lazy old Cirque was one of them).

Susan said...

Easy? My heartrate would be through the roof at that pace . . . ugh. I'm getting old, yes TGIF for sure.

iliketoast said...

thanks to your previous post i did my first fartlek today .... 3 x 60 sec then 6 x 30 and 3 x 60 with the same time recovery for each .... i enjoyed the variety, thanks

Cliff said...

Read your previous post.

They use potato crisp to stimulate the squishing? Oh the humanity :)

Hilda said...

That saint is making miracles, early fresh and wet doesn't sound too atractive, but sometimes the worst sceneries become into the best runs!!