Friday, February 10, 2006

Waddling with the ducks

Yesterday I crashed headlong into a brick wall - figuratively speaking. In the end I didn't go to yoga either but went home and indulged in chocolate mousse - it was the Weight Watchers version so felt that I could have 2 tubs :-).

Anyways, today is another day and I was up again at 5am and out the door at 6am to do Yasso 800s. I decided to improvise on my program and instead of doing a tempo run and hill repeats (my glute was in no mood for hills) I thought a Yasso workout would be a nice change.

Today's session - Yasso 800s x 5

Time / weather - 6am / clear, no wind, 4*c
Distance - 15km
Time taken - 1hr 21.10min
Av pace - 5.23min/km
AHR - 148; MHR - 173

I started with a 5km warm up run and headed towards an oval in Melba. I was feeling fine this morning and enjoyed the run along the cycle path. Mind you, it was a bit chilly. Once I got to the oval I thought I'd map out my course and noticed that there was a 400m oval marked out - yay! My plan was to run around 3.30min per 800m.

This is how I fared:
3.30 / 3.37 / 3.27 / 3.26 / 3.34min

There was a flock of ducks wandering around on one side of the track and so every lap at this point it looked like we were waddling together - very cute! The grass was also very soggy as the sprinklers had obviously been on earlier so I was probably a little heavier by the time I finished and headed home. I know I was squelching as I ran! My ipod battery died on the run home :-(.

Lolly intake - 4 Kool fruits before 10am; 2 Sherbies and 2 Milkshakes at 11am. I seem to need a sugar hit this time every morning lately.
This afternoon - 3 Sherbies and 3 Milkshakes.

No gym today - having coffee with Mr CJ instead.

Because I ran 3km further today (due to a miscalculation - maths was never my strong point) I only have to run 5km tomorrow (instead of the 8km). Lookig forward to sleeping in!


RunDave said...

My god, you really love your lollies! I'm not a huge lollie fan, Kopikos are probably my favorites.

Excuse my ignorance, but what is a Yasso 800?

2P said...

LOL - reminds me of the scene in Aristocats - "think goose".

Pretty nice times there CJ - good job mate ;-)

KIT said...

Good times CJ!! YOu know what they say... string 10 of those together and you can do a 3:30 marathon!

Ellie80 said...

hey! another WA girl! good to see. My lollie count today is 1xstrawberry&Cream, 2 jelly babies and pineapple thing. now having a lollypop after reading through your posts...

speedygeoff said...

Chasing ducks could be a fun sprint sessions. (unless you're playing cricket).

Robert Song said...

4C Was that the correct temperature???

If it is , what is it going to be like in April? I know I don't like the heat but it never gets that cold here even in winter.

Cirque said...

Phew! You scared me with that brick wall thing. Glad it was only a figurative one.

Wobbly man said...

Great 800 times CJ! Caramel buds are my weakness.

Susan said...

CJ - It's easy to do a screen capture of the Garmin Traning Center (I'm assuming you are on a PC and not Mac):

1) Hit the "printscreen" button while you are in the Garmin Training software after you have downloaded your workout.

2) Open a photo editing program, like photoshop, or microsoft paint, or any program like that.

3) Use the crop tool and crop the area that you want to put on the blog.

4) Save the filea as a jpg.

5) Upload like a regular picture on your blog.

Let me know if you have questions!

Black Knight said...

Yasso, my forever nightmare!

Luckylegs said...

For a minute, I thought of a real brick wall too!! Definitely approve of the lollie rewards at the end of a session! Enjoy the sleep in!

iliketoast said...

I read the title and cringed ..... see my site for why!

Well done on the Yasso's.

Oh, I love Sherbies.

Ewen said...

Surely it wasn't that cold! Robert it'll be 14C rising to 24C in April. Very cool for you Maroons.

Good 800s CJ - glad you're not ducking speedwork.

Tesso said...

Hey CJ, they are great times for the Yassos! I'm convinced these really are a good indication of how your marathon will go. I did them a few years ago and they were almost spot on.

Keep up the good work. And stop counting your lolly intake, or I'll get the guilts and start counting mine!

Rae said...

Ha! I can just see the ducks quaking along!

What are Sherbies? I bet they're yummy!