Monday, February 06, 2006

Back to the gym

Today might be a rest day from running, and I still can't go swimming because my injured knee is still gunky, so it was back to the gym for an upper body weights workout plus ab exercises. I had received the Core Strength Basics book in the mail last week and decided to start incorporating some of the exercises into my routine. I also decided to try out The Abs Plan in this month's Runners World magazine.

Today's session - Gym, lunchtime

* Dumbbell fly on swiss ball - 4.5kg/15reps x 2
Increased the weight by 500g from last week - no problems.

* Seated dumbbell lateral raise on swiss ball - 3.4kg/15reps; 3.4kg/12reps
I took TA's advice and used a lighter weight today and it certainly made a difference. Instead of flinging the dumbbells up and out to the side after about 5reps I managed to hold form.

* Dumbbell pullover on swiss ball - 4.5kg/15reps; 5kg/15reps
No problems

* Bench dip with swiss ball - 1 set x 15reps; 1 set x 12reps
This is a variation on the triceps dips done on a bench, with legs resting on a swiss ball. Have to work a lot harder and I really felt it in the second set.

* Dumbbell curl on swiss ball - 4.5kg/15reps; 4.5kg/12reps
Again I increased the weight which meant the second set was harder.

Ab exercises:
* Oblique bridge - 2 x hold for 20secs.
* Stick crunch - 15reps
* Lying draw-in with hip flexion - 10x each leg
* Running supine - 10x each leg
* Hip twist - 10x each side
* Medicine ball twist - 15reps (this was hard work).

Physio update - very stiff in lumbar spine this morning, especially the right side. He prodded, twisted, and massaged and finished the session with his elbow in my right glute - oooohhhh the agony.....

Cross country run at Eddison Park, 5.3km - will be incorporating an anaerobic threshold session in this run (4 x 4mins with 2mins slower jog) and then running for an additional 7km, to make a total of 12km. Fortunately the weather forecast is for a cooler day of 22*C - I hope they're right.


KIT said...

Nothing like a good elbow in the but to get you screaming!! That will always find the spot :-)

Good luck tommorow... now how far is it ;-)

Susan said...

I could use little of that elbow agony! Good luck.

2P said...

Hey gym-girl good session - I was reading recently that core strength workouts particularly lower back and abs are all the rage for the football codes this year - apparently they've worked out that a lot of hammie injuries have been caused by deficiencies in these two areas.

speedygeoff said...

I won't see you at the race today so good luck, I hope it goes well. This morning was so cool I was unable to resist the temptation of a longer run. I will be away at the weekend, and next Tuesday too, so see you at the Vets Handicap! If you do the triathlon on Sunday, have a good one.

Ewen said...

I like 'gunky', but 'oozing' is still the best.

Rae said...

Great exercises! I can't believe your knee is still gunky! You need to post some new pics!