Sunday, February 19, 2006


The amazing thing is, what has taken me all week to achieve, Tesso did in 12 hours. Way to go, Tesso!

Today's workout - long run with last 30mins steady

Time / weather - 7am / very sunny and very warm, 16*c when I started, 26*c when I finished
Distance - 34km
Time taken - 2hr 58.37min
Av pace - 5.15min/km; times for the last 6km - 4.41/4.52/4.54/4.57/5.02/5.02min/km
AHR - 157; MHR - 177

I decided to run around Lake Burley Griffin today because it had shade, wasn't too undulating which was important because the last 6km were to be run at steady pace, around 5min/km if possible. It was a bloody hard run, especially the last 6km. It was hot, sunny, the wind had picked up and I was running into it for the last 2km, and I was thinking as I was running, that a 4hr marathon sounded like a very good idea! The 28km took me about 2hr 30min to run and so the challenge was to finish the 34km in 3hr or less - 30mins. I initially counted down the kilometres but in that last kilometre I was counting down in 100m segments. Never have I been so happy to finish. I was dreaming of Magnum icecreams and diet coke!

....and this saying kept repeating over and over in my mind - "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"!

However, the first 28km was fine - no problems apart from a bruised toenail which was giving me some grief. There were lots and lots of cyclists out enjoying the fine weather this morning; it was very busy on the cyclepath. As I ran past Yarralumla Bay, swimmers were preparing to start the Sri Chinmoy lake swims - something I took part in 2 years ago.

Total distance for the week - 100km yay!
Next week - its an easy week and I am so looking forward to it. It means TWO rest days, a mid week medium long run of only 12km (bliss) and a long run on the weekend of only 20km (double bliss!).

Saturday session - easy run

Distance - 7km
Time taken - 42.43min
Av pace - 5.50min/km - a real doddle
AHR - 138; MHR - 151

A very easy and very slow session - plodded along enjoying the scenery. It was actually a beautiful morning and I thoroughly enjoyed being out in it.

Looking back - Road to IM 2004
50 days to go (Saturday)

Saturday workout - long run

Time - 7am / Lake Burley Griffin / warm, not a lot of cloud or wind
Duration - 2hr 48.55min
Distance - 30km

It was a good run though my L hip flexor/glute felt tight for most of the run. I also ran it too fast - it should've taken me 3hrs to run the distance particularly as I'm walking for 1min every 10mins.

Total training time/distance for the week:
Swim - 8.3km
Cycle - 136.8km
Run - 6hr 38min


Jen_runs said...

Hi CJ. I'm so sorry that I haven't dropped by lately. I'm so glad to see that your training has been going really well. Looking forward to seeing you soon !

Lulu said...

Go CJ; 100km is a big week! I don't know what to suggest about your sidebar except to have a look at your template and see if the code is still there at least.

Lulu said...

Go CJ; 100km is a big week! I don't know what to suggest about your sidebar except to have a look at your template and see if the code is still there at least.

Tesso said...

Ha ha, I may have done 100k in one hit but it was waaaay slower than even your Friday 'doddle'. So congrats on racking up the ton, aside from Caboolture I've only ever managed it once. Not an easy task to do 100k at training pace!

Your IM pgm details from 2004 are still blowing me away!

2P said...

Hehe it is actually that which does not kill you makes you stranger;-)

100k's woooohoooo good on you CJ and what a great time for your 34k!

Oh and you side bar is not lost - just misplaced - it's at the bottom - I'm guessing one of your tables is too wide.

strewth said...

It's a wonder we didn't see each other somewhere en route but I guess you were flying in comparison to our pace so we would have blinked and missed you fly by. Amazing time. Well done. Tomorrow is my rest day too so I've decided to not even swim - may swim on Friday instead.

Robert Song said...

Congratulations on the 100k. What a way to rack it up with that 34k long run and a very respectable pace.

Rae said...

I feel warmer already just reading your post! Way to go on the 100KMs!!

iliketoast said...

I can relate to those thoughts of the 4 hr marathon seeming attractive. I was thinking about the same feeling I expect to have towards the end of the Canberra Marathon .... hopeful towards the end .... there will be a time that I will say to myself, "what does it matter if you take a few minutes longer?".

Well done on the 100K, enjoy your week of backing off.

KIT said...

Wow!!! 5:15 pace for 34 km thats great running CJ!!! 100km what an effort... you deserve your rest week!!! I hope you gulped down some diet coke... nothing like it :-) Those last km's must have been a killer!

miners said...

Fantastic week for you CJ - and not that different from the running you were doing last year in the lead-up to the IM!